Meet Willoughby, Toadstool, Izzy and Snoopy: 4 Cats that Need You

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Willoughby the cat
It’s been a wonderful week for cats at Willamette Humane Society. Several of our long-term residents, including sweet Liebe, were adopted last week. And just today, one of my all-time favorite shelter cats went home with a new family (more on that it a bit).
Despite these successes, we can’t rest on our laurels. There are plenty of cats that still need you. And this week, I have four great sweeties to tell you about. Let’s get started.

Wonderful Cat Willoughby

First up is this all-white, 7yo, shorthair male cat named Willoughby. He came into the shelter this week with his two siblings, due to an illness in the human that cared for them. The illness came on quickly, so we didn’t get a chance to grab completed profile paperwork on these cats. But we know a great deal about them due to their behavior in the shelter.
Pretty white cat
Willoughby is an incredibly bold little cat that comes right up to greet his visitors. He likes to be in the center of the action, checking out everything you’re doing. He wanted to inspect my camera, my pen, my paperwork and the pockets of my jacket today before he settled down to be petted. This is a guy who likes to be involved.
Pretty white kitty
Willoughby is also a lap cat that is content to sit on you or near you when you’re not active. He purrs and kneads and gently rubs his head on you when he likes you. He’s a very loving and gentle spirit, and I like him a lot.
Willoughby can go into a home with other cats (including his siblings Toadstool and Carson), but his history with dogs is unclear. Since he is so friendly and gentle, he might do well with kids, although he has no proven kid experience.
I expect this cat to go quickly. If you’re interested, come visit!

Terrific Cat Toadstool

This 1yo Maine Coon mix is Willoughby’s sister, so we know as much about her as we do about him. We know she’s lived with cats, and we know she’s lived with seniors. But the rest is a bit of a mystery.
Cat named Toadstool
With one exception. Toadstool is, quite simply, the most affectionate cat I have ever encountered in the shelter. That’s saying a lot, as I meet somewhere between 10 and 15 new cats every week. I have yet to meet a cat as sweetly affectionate as this one is. She purrs and rolls and kneads, and she also likes to wrap her arms around your neck and groom your hair. If you try to move, she gets offended. Apparently, she considers herself some kind of human mom, and she takes that job very seriously.
Maine Coon mix cat
Toadstool is very young, and very small at 7 pounds. She should make someone a wonderful companion for many years to come. And since she is so affectionate, a lot of people are going to want her. If you’re at all interested, I encourage you to come soon!

Interesting Cat Izzy

Next up is this very pretty little 3yo female Siamese cat named Izzy. She came to the shelter due to an employment change for her person. Izzy can be a little demanding, that person says, and she worried that her new schedule would mean that Izzy would be alone for too long every day. That person brought her here for something better.
Siamese cat
Izzy is a very sweet and affectionate cat that loves to knead and roll and chirp and be petted. I absolutely loved visiting with her today, as everything I did seemed to delight this cat. Treats? She loves those. Scratches? She’s a fan. Cuddles? She wants more. She was fine with fast movements, loud noises and rough-and-tumble play. She took it all in stride.
Izzy the sniffing cat
While it’s not clear if Izzy has lived with other dogs or cats, she seems like a very balanced and very affectionate girl that might be able to adjust to just about anything. She just needs a family to pick her. I hope that happens for her this week.

Superb Cat Snoopy

Next up is this sweet brown tabby named Snoopy. He’s 11yo, and he came to the shelter due to a disruption in his family home. It’s always hard for older cats like this to enter the shelter system, and sometimes, it takes cats a day or two to get their bearings and understand what the life is about. I usually keep newbies off the blog for that reason, but there’s something special about Snoopy. So I’m making an exception here.
Snoopy seems frightened in the shelter, and you can see that fear in the size of his pupils. He’s keeping them wide, so he’ll be able to spot a threat. But, spend a little time with him, and he becomes a very different cat. He played quite a game of patty-cake with me today, and he chirped and mewled at me when I had to go. He cuddled and head butted and ate all of his dinner during our visit. I simply fell in love with this guy.
Pretty brown tabby cat
Snoopy is a senior, and I know some people worry about taking older cats home. But I assure you that this cat is a joy. Any time you spend with him will feel like a gift. Come see him and you’ll understand.

Bonus Black Cat: Princess

This week, I had planned to make another pitch for Princess in my featured black cat section of the blog. She had been waiting for a home since May, and I wanted a happy ending for her. She and I had a very special relationship, in that she’d pop right up to the front of her kennel to chirp at me when she heard my voice. She didn’t do that with everyone, and every time I had to leave her, it hurt.
Adopted black cat
So I babied her today to get photos. And something about that must have helped. She was adopted just an hour after I left. So this sweet kitty is resting in a home tonight, for the first time in a long time. And I think that’s a good note to end the blog on.
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