Meet Adorable Cats Keiki, Gemini, Sadie, and Kappa

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Adoptable cat Keiki
Looking for love? You’ve come to the right blog post. This week, I’d like to tell you about a crew of adorable, adoptable female kitties that are all friendly, kindhearted, and ready to go home today. Let’s get started.

Gorgeous Cat Gemini 

First up is a showstopper Gemini. This amazing calico kitty is just 5 years old, and she’s a tiny little thing that weighs just 6 pounds. But she packs a lot of personality into that tiny body of hers. Gemini is living in a suite with a few other cats, and she’s the first to greet new visitors with a hello chirp and a friendly little whirl around the ankles. If you don’t respond to that greeting, Gemini has been known to step up her game with shoulder taps, leg taps, and a bit of extra vocalizing. She just loves people.
Calico cat Gemini
Gemini has lived with other cats, but she can be a little bossy. Her feline roommates should be on the mellow side, and they should be ready to cede control to this calico. She gets along with dogs, and she also does quite well with children. She will do best with a family that is ready to engage in a little play, because she has a lot of energy. Gemini loves wand toys, laser toys, mouse toys…. If you can think of it, she is ready to play with it. She should be a whole lot of fun for the right family.
Adoptable cat Gemini
Gemini is also quite the supermodel. She posed very nicely for photos in the catio we’ve built off of her suite. We’re so thankful that we have this outdoor space for some of our more active residents. They just love the fresh air (and the sounds of birds in the nearby trees). But we know they’d love a permanent home even more. We hope Gemini gets that very soon.
Gemini is waiting for you at our adoption center in PetSmart on Lancaster. Come see her!

Calm Kitty Keiki

Next up is Keiki. This sweet cat is about 7 years old, and she came to us when her owner had a housing issue and could no longer keep her cats. Sadie has been nothing but sweet since she arrived. She purred her way through her intake exam, she cuddled the staff when she had vaccines, and she continues to purr and cuddle with anyone who comes to visit. She is an extremely friendly and sweet girl.
Adoptable cat Keiki
Keiki has a good history of life with other cats, and she’s been doing quite well with her roommates in her suite. They share food, they sleep near one another, and they play a bit with one another. Everyone seems to get along nicely, which seems to suggest that Keiki could integrate into a multi-cat home with ease. But she will need a slow introduction to other cats in the home (most cats do). The staff can tell you more about that.
Keiki the cat
Since Keiki is so calm and gentle, she can go into a home with children as young as 8. But she will need to stay inside all the time in her new home. At some point, her front claws were removed, which means she cannot defend herself against any challenges she might face while outside. She will need to stay inside at all times in order to stay safe.
Keiki is also a big girl at 13 pounds, so she may benefit from a diet to help ease stress on her organs and joints as she ages. Her new family should work with a veterinarian on a diet plan that helps her lose weight safely.
We hope she heads home soon!

Sweet Cat Sadie

Next up is 7-year-old tabby cat Sadie. She came to the shelter in early July when her person started traveling quite a bit for work. All of those absences were hard on this very social cat, and her person felt it would be best to connect Sadie with people who would be home to love her just a little more frequently. At first, Sadie had a difficult time with the adjustment, and she hid quite a bit. Now, she greets visitors with a chirp of hello and a willingness to be loved. Just look at this paw extension!
Adoptable cat Sadie
Sadie has been described as mellow, very affectionate, and quite talkative. She has lived with other cats, and her person reported that they played together and loved one another. Sadie has also lived with dogs, and she played with them as well. Sadie has no kid experience, but we believe she’d do well in a home with children as young as 13.
Sadie is another of our overweight cats, and we’re recommending that her new family work with a veterinarian on a diet plan. She weighs more than 13 pounds now, and she really should weigh less in order to reduce strain on her joints. She’s likely to be even more playful when she can move around a little easier.
Adoptable cat Sadie
Since Sadie had a tough time transitioning to her shelter life, she may struggle adjusting to home life as well. She might require her own room for a few days, just so she can get used to the sounds and smells of her new home. When she feels comfortable, she can visit more rooms. The staff can tell you more about how to do this transition work and set Sadie up for success. We hope you’ll visit.

Curious Kitten Kappa

Last up is Kappa. We typically don’t feature kittens on the cat blog, as little cats tend to be immensely popular and they don’t often need much marketing support. But Kappa was just too gorgeous to overlook in today’s photo shoot. Her black fur looked just amazing in the catio, don’t you think?
Kitten Kappa
Kappa is just 5 months old, and she was found as a stray cat in the community. She’s only been with us for a few days, and we anticipate that she’ll go home quickly. She’s friendly with everyone, and she gets along beautifully with cats. She’d just love to join your family. Kappa is also waiting at PetSmart on Lancaster.
If you’re interested in a little cat like this, please remember that we’re at the Salem Center Mall every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from noon to 6pm. We have kittens for adoption at Kitten Kaboodle that you can take home on the spot, and we also let families simply come and play with the little ones. In years past, we’ve had crowds waiting outside of our adoption center every weekend, but the traffic has slowed a bit this year. Please come to visit, and be sure to tell your friends to do the same. We’d love to see more cats go home.