Meet Beauty (And a Few of Her Kitty Friends)

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This ebony kitty is Beauty. I mentioned her in last week’s blog, but she’s gone through an amazing transformation this week, so I thought she deserved a chance to take a spin in the spotlight. So here goes.

From Shy to Serene

Last week, Beauty was new to the shelter environment, and she wasn’t handling that move very well. She was shy and nervous, hiding in a spot that should hold a litter box. Imagine my surprise when she came bounding out to meet me this week.
Beauty has decided that she’s so over this shelter thing, and she’s going to sell her assets for all they’re worth. As a result, she’s become a purring, whirling machine. She kneads, she head butts, she dances around. She’s ready for love. She’s ready to go.

Beauty’s Ideal Home

Beauty came to the shelter when her people had a change in circumstance and couldn’t keep her. She’s lived indoors all her life, and she’d like to keep it that way.
She can be a little sassy with little people, so it’s best that she steer clear of a home with kids. She can also be a bit of a whirlwind at the veterinarian’s office, apparently, so those appointments will need to go carefully.
And Beauty is a fan of sleeping with her humans. In fact, that’s when she prefers to dole out the attention. So she’ll need a family that allows her to snuggle at night.
Beauty can live with other cats. In fact, she’s living with a grumpy guy and she’s an amazingly calm presence. I can see her being a wonderful mentor to a younger cat because she’s calm and non-reactive. I adore her for that. Beauty can also live with dogs, apparently.

Beauty’s Roomie

Note the Climber photobomb.

Here’s the grumpy gus: Charlie. And I really can’t blame him for being a little miffed.
Charlie is a young very beautiful cat that has a shy and gentle demeanor. He is feeling a little exposed and a little worried at the shelter. He can’t quite figure out what the rules are. At one moment, he’s super affectionate. The next, he’s hissing.
Cats like Charlie will need quiet, patient homes. He’ll do beautifully, I just know that, but he might take awhile to adjust to a new home.
“I blow you a kiss!”

His prior family reports that he is a lap cat that adores tummy rubs. That might be why he flops over like this. He’s used to getting a lot of love. You simply must see him, and give him a tum rub for me.

A Special Mention

This older guy is Giver, and today, I fell in love.
Giver is 10, and he has a cloudy eye. That might be the first thing you notice about him, but it shouldn’t be the last. That’s because this is an amazingly gentle, kind and clever little kitty.
When I met him, he’d just been in a room filled with people, all talking and laughing and walking. It was loud, and there was Giver, marching in place without a care in the world. He was purring, kneading and hoping someone would stop for him. He didn’t care about the noise. He wanted love.
So I popped open that cage and got rewarded with some amazing head butts. What a cool guy! Check out this video (and notice his incredibly furry feet!).
Giver has lived with dogs, and his owners said that he adored his canine counterparts. He seems fine with the cats living close to him in the shelter, too. And he doesn’t seem stressed at the shelter. He’s a mellow dude. But I still hope he goes home soon. It’s hard on these seniors to wait in shelters.
So that’s it for this week! Please share this post, so we can get these guys adopted.