Meet Bernard, Brady, Thunder and Luna: 4 Cats that Need You

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Adoptable cat BernardKitten season is in full swing here in Salem, and that means many adult cats are dealing with longer shelter stays. This week, I thought I’d tell you about three cats that all have a great history of life with other cats. If you’re considering a kitten, one of these three adult cats might make a nice companion. And then, I’d like to tell you about a very special kitty that needs a very special home.
Let’s get started!

Beautiful Cat Bernard

First up: Bernard. This sweet guy is 9 years old, and if he looks big in these photos, it’s not a trick of the camera. This is a very big kitty who tips the scales at 14 pounds. And here’s the funny thing: Bernard has no idea that he is so big.
Adoptable cat BernardLarge cats like this usually get what they want by pushing others aside and dominating the smaller kitties in their path. Bernard is very different. He is a very meek and mild cat that prefers to let other cats take a supervisory role. He does whatever a more dominant cat tells him to do. And I’ve never seen him grow upset at that action. He really likes to be a follower.
Adoptable cat BernardThat’s a skill that should make Bernard an ideal choice for cat lovers. But there’s one thing about this cat that could be driving adopters away. Bernard has FIV. In the past, cats like this were considered too dangerous to place in multi-cat homes. But research suggests that cats with FIV only transmit that disease to one another through deep bites. That means cats like Bernard can live with other cats just fine. But the people living with these cats need to ensure that no serious fights take place. That means slow introductions. Do that, and all should be fine.
Bernard the adoptable catBernard is wonderfully affectionate and sweet, and I had a great time visiting with him today. He purrs and kneads and he drools when he is happy. I’m hoping this big boy gets to leave the shelter soon. Can you help?

Bold Boy Cat Brady

Next up is this big tuxedo cat: Brady. We’re not quite sure how old he is, as he came to us as a stray. But he’s definitely an adult cat. And he’s definitely had things a little rough. His ears are chewed and his coat is a little thin. That suggests he’s been living on the streets for quite some time. But Brady hasn’t let his hard life get him down.
Adoptable cat BradyBrady is a remarkably affectionate and bold cat that runs right up to visitors in his suite. He’s been called a “tripping hazard,” as he likes to weave his way in and out of your feet while you walk. And he’ll sit right down in your lap as soon as you sit down. He really trusts and loves people. That seems to suggest that he’s lived in a family before. I hope he can do so again very soon.
Adoptable cat BradyBrady is living in a suite with Thunder and Ernie, and he’s doing well in that environment. Brady head butts his roommates (when they let him), and he purrs when he sees them. He shares his food and toys easily. And he walks away from conflict. That suggests he’d make a wonderful addition to a cat home. And he might do really well with a kitten, as he seems to have a lot of play left in him. Interested?

Terrific Cat Thunder

This sweet guy is Thunder, and he’s 9 years old. He came to the shelter when his family had to move and they couldn’t take him along. He adjusted to life in the shelter just fine, and when they moved him to a suite, he really started to thrive. Thunder is showing so well right now, and I hope that helps him to go home soon.
Adoptable cat ThunderThunder has a great history of life with other cats, and he’s really doing well with the cats in his suite. He will sometimes hiss if someone is too pushy, but otherwise, he shares his toys, his bedding and his food without complaint. And, Thunder is always super happy when people come to visit. He purrs and kneads and jumps with joy. Clearly, he loves people.
Adoptable cat ThunderThunder also has a great history of living with children, including very small children. He doesn’t like to be picked up and cuddled, but he’s happy to get love from little people as long as his feet are on the floor. Not all cats like kids, so this makes Thunder something special. I hope you’ll come see!

Special Cat Luna

This sweetheart of a cat is Luna, and she’s 14yo. She will need a very special home, as Luna has some fairly severe medical problems. She is very thin, and while she is gaining weight at the shelter, she needs to put on a few more pounds. Without them, she is a little weak and unsteady on her feet.
Luna will need a home with a family that is committed to helping her to gain weight, and that family might need to be prepared to love a cat that is at the end of her life. In fact, Luna could be considered a hospice adoption, as she may not have very long to live.
Adoptable cat LunaSince Luna was a stray, we don’t know about her history. And since she is weak, she might not be able to fend off an aggressive animal. Introducing her to other pets might not be a great idea. But she might like to live in a restful back bedroom, out of the action. And she is remarkably affectionate and sweet. If you did take her home, she’d repay your kindness a thousand times over with her purrs. I really enjoyed meeting her today.
If you can help Luna, I encourage you to do so. We’d love to see her end her days in a home filled with love.
So that’s it for this week! If you see a kitty that touches your heart, tap the names in bold. You’ll head to a page where you can ask questions or make a donation. And please share this post, so we can find all of these cats homes. Thanks for all you do!