Meet Bernice, Snickerdoodle and Calypso: Three Cats You'll Love!

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Black cat Bernice
It’s a brand-new month, and that means we have a brand-new adoption special. During October, you can bring home a best friend for a reduced price. Cats one year or older are $20, while those under a year could be yours for just $30.
Now that the days have turned cold, dark and rainy, wouldn’t you love a little lap warmer? I thought so. And I have a bunch to tell you about.

Beautiful Bernice

First up is this gorgeous all-black cat named Bernice. She is a year old, and she has been spayed, so she could go home with you today.
And once you meet her, you’re likely to want to take her home. Bernice is an incredibly affectionate little kitty that marches in place with happiness just as soon as she thinks she’s going to get some attention. She adores to be petted, and she’s very interested in head butting all kinds of things: Your hands, her food bowl, her bed. If you’re petting her, she’s going to push that big head around. It’s really hilarious.
Adoptable cat Bernice
I have no idea how Bernice became so affectionate, as it looks like she’s had a tough life as a stray cat. One ear of hers is clipped, which spay clinics often do to mark feral cats that have been spayed. That means she’s probably been a stray for most of her life. And yet, she meets most people with an open heart and a great deal of love. That’s rare, and it makes Bernice very valuable.
We’re not certain about Bernice’s experience with other pets or with children, so that’s something to discuss with the staff. But her open personality and gorgeous good looks might make her zoom out of the shelter quickly. If you’re interested, come see her!

Clever Calypso

This 2-year-old tortie named Calypso might look familiar. She should, as this is her second term as a WHS shelter cat. She was a long-term resident in the spring, and we were all happy when she was adopted. But that family had a change in circumstances, so Calypso came back. And she may not have been the best fit for her first home.
Adoptable cat Calypso
Calypso’s people report that she can be a talkative and needy cat, and that she seems to demand long and aggressive petting sessions. That’s not something they really wanted in a cat. But here’s the thing: I know a lot of people really crave kitties that are open and affectionate. These are what I like to call “dog cats.” They may look like felines, but they need love much in the way a dog does.
Adoptable cat Calypso
People looking for funny, sweet and very loving cats are bound to love Calypso. But she does have a few special quirks. She didn’t always get along with the cats in her last home, for example, and she doesn’t seem to have experience living with children. If she’s given the opportunity to learn about these things in a slow and controlled manner, she might do well. But then again, she might not.
10/08/2015 UPDATE: Calypso’s family reached out to tell us that she really didn’t like the other kitties in her home, even with a slow introduction. So she really might do best as a one and only.
Adoptable cat Calypso
I’d love for Calypso to make a perfect match this time. She’s gorgeous, young and loving. Come get her!

Shy Snickerdoodle

This sad-looking sweetheart is Snickerdoodle. She’s about 3 years old, but we don’t know her age for certain, because she came to us as a stray cat.
Adoptable cat Snickerdoodle
Apparently, Snickerdoodle warmed the hearts of some small children in Salem, and they fed her parts of their lunches and snacks on a daily basis. They even named her. A parent of one of these kids was so moved by their kindness and sweetness that Snickerdoodle was given a chance to become a part of that family. Unfortunately, that family also has dogs, and Snicks hit the bricks once more when she saw those dogs. The family tearfully brought her here.
I can tell that Snickerdoodle wants to open up and show some love. But it’s also painfully clear that she is nervous and shy. It seems as though she’s just not quite sure how to respond to people, especially when she’s packed inside of a little kennel with no way out. Check out this video to see what I mean.
She wants me to pet her, but she’s also afraid of my hand. This breaks my heart.
Someone out there must have space for a kitty that’s clearly been dealt a bad hand. She’s a young girl, and she can certainly learn. With patience and kindness from a loving family, she could be completely transformed. I know that’s what those children who saved her would want for her. Who can help make that wish come true?

Bonus Beauty: BJ!

I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of this dignified older gentleman: BJ!
Adoptable cat Snickerdoodle
This 11+ yo cat is a staff favorite. He’s well known for being affectionate, open and incredibly loving, even when he’s getting his ears cleaned, his coat brushed or his teeth examined. He seems to understand that people want to help him, and he’s more than thankful for the attention.
BJ came to us due to failing health of his family. I’m hoping his stay will be a short one. He’s so incredibly sweet!
That’s it for this week! Please share these stories, so we can get these cats into the loving homes they need.