Meet Catalina, Tiger and Sheba: Three Great Cats Waiting for You!

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Adoptable Russian blue mix
During the month of August, Willamette Humane Society is holding a Pick Your Price event on adult cats. That means you’re in control, when you come in to adopt an adult cat. You can pay $1 or $5 or $250. Whatever you think is fair. And I have three great cats to tell you about that all qualify for that special price (and I have a few surprises, too).
So let’s get started.

Compelling Catalina

I’d like to stop for a moment and thank the volunteer that put a green blanket in with this gorgeous Russian blue mix. Look how stunning her eyes look!
Adoptable Russian blue cat Catalina
This is Catalina, and she’s a 7-year-old sweetie. This is her second time with us at Willamette Humane Society, and we’re hoping the home she finds this time will be hers forever.
Catalina apparently had some cat history in her first home, but she’s made the emphatic decision that she does NOT want to share her home with other felines. She can be a little aggressive with her roommates, so it’s best that she lives with you on her own.
Adoptable Russian blue cat Catalina
This is a lap cat that’s well worth that alone time, as she has velvety soft fur and an adorable purr. She likes to knead her bedding or your legs as you pet her and talk to her, and I’ve been told that she’s a big fan of the cat brush, too. She may seem a little shy in her kennel, but she’s very responsive to any kind of human contact.
Catalina got a little feisty and opinionated in that adoptive home, and I’m wondering if the transition went a little too fast for her. She seems, to me, like a sensitive cat that needs to move on her terms, in a slow and steady manner. A family that will introduce her into the home a room at a time, and who will let her both initiate and then end love sessions, would be perfect for her.

Terrific Tiger

Next up is this 3-year-old torbie mix named Tiger. Like Catalina, this is her second time with us. And we’re hoping she can find a perfect fit.
Adoptable torbie cat Tiger
In the shelter, Tiger seems very relaxed and open. She’s responsive to her name, and she’s very responsive to any kind of petting and kneading. She seems to love people, and she seems really confident about who she is and what she wants.
Apparently, however, a lot of that confidence can go away when she heads into a home.
Adoptable cute cat Tiger
Tiger can get upset about loud noises, children, other cats, small kittens and dogs. Any of these things seem to frighten her, and sometimes, she expresses that fear with litter box accidents. She isn’t dealing with any of that right now, as her kennel is always perfectly clean and tidy. But it was an issue in her last home.
So we’re looking for a quiet, single-pet household for Tiger. Since she is so sensitive, too, it might be ideal to set her up with a “safe place” room that has a litter box, water, soft beds and quiet music. Nervous kitties really love having a secret place to dart away to when they get overwhelmed. Give that to Tiger, and she’s likely to deal with her fears in a more appropriate manner.

Super Sheba

Finally, I’d love for you to meet this 6-year-old cat named Sheba. It’s really rare to see an orange tabby female cat, so I’m always excited when I can spend time with them in the shelter. And I’ll be honest: Sheba has stolen my heart a little.
Female orange tabby Sheba
This pretty girl apparently has a deep-set fear of loud noises and other pets. She loves her humans deeply, but any loud noise will send her cowering in the corners. And if other pets make loud noises (and they often do), Sheba has been known to use aggression to make the noise stop.
It’s not a nice habit, but thankfully, it’s easily solved. Like Tiger, Sheba needs her own quiet space where she can retreat if she’s feeling too much stress. And she needs a home in which loudness is unusual, not part of day-to-day activities. That means, too, that she can’t go into a home with children. Sheba has also been declawed on all four feet, so she needs to be an indoor-only kitty.

Female cute cat Sheba
She’s preparing to pounce on that toy!

Sheba was more than responsive to affection today, but it does make me sad to see her jump when the doors open and close and when the kittens around her cry for attention. The shelter is hard on her, and I’d love to see her escape this week.

A Few Updates

Remember Cookie from last week’s blog? Well, she’s still here and still waiting for that perfect fit. This week, she seems to have decided that she’s waited too long, and she tried to walk right out the door with me when I left for the day.
Cookie the adoptable cat
Maybe the special pricing event will help her get a perfect placement this week. She more than qualifies.
And this pretty kitten, Molly, made an appearance in last week’s blog, too, although I didn’t give you readers her name or a link to her adoption information. At the time, I thought she’d be snapped up in a moment, as she’s adorable and overwhelmingly affectionate (she even gives nose rubs!).

Tiny kitten Molly
How can you resist this face?!?!?!

But while all of her siblings have been either adopted or are on hold for adoption, Molly is left behind. If you’re in the market for a kitten, I encourage you to hop on down to see Molly. Sit down and listen for the motor. She loves to purr and purr and purr.
Since Molly is only 3 months old, she’s not an adult and she does not qualify for that special pricing. Her adoption fee is $90. Come get her!

Special Project

Have you adopted a pet from Willamette Humane Society? We want your photos!
Photos of adopted pets
This taped-up 50 on the wall is in celebration of all of the pets that are living new lives in new homes due to their adoptions. We need to fill it up. I’d love to see Gargamel, Pockets, Cloudy, Spookey, Mouse, Itty Bitty, Climber, Beauty, Pewter, Chief, Bridgette, Vita… I already put up a snap of my rescue, Troy. Come add your own! Just come in when WHS is open with your photo, and they’ll give you the tape.
That’s it for this week! As always, please share so we can get these guys adopted.