Meet Cats Bunny, Icey and Nova: You're Sure to Love Them

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Adoptable cat Icey
I have three really exceptional cats to tell you about this week. All of them have overcome some pretty serious challenges, and all of them would make wonderful pets. (In fact, I’m darn tempted to take one of these guys home myself!) Let me tempt you!

Iconic Icey

First up is my very favorite cat in the shelter right now. Her name is Icey, and she’s 8yo. Check out her green eyes! That’s not photoshop. Her eyes really are that color. It’s pretty amazing.
Adoptable cat Icey
Icey came to the shelter when her beloved person died, and there was no other family member that could take in the kitties from that home. Some cats shut down in those situations (more on that in a bit), but some cats seem to roll with the punches. Icey is a rolling kind of cat.
She spends most of her day high up in her little cat bed. She might seem a little withdrawn, but in reality, she’s just a super relaxed and chill kind of cat. As soon as I opened her door today, she greeted me with a ton of purring, kneading and rolling. She was happy to get every ounce of affection I had to offer, and she didn’t complain when our time was up and I had to walk away.
Adoptable cat Icey
Mellow and gentle cats like this may not be right for everyone. If you want a cat that will spend hours and hours in play, this isn’t the right cat for you. But, if you’d like a soft and sweet companion that will sit with you when you read or knit or watch television, Icey could be just right.
Icey has a good history of life with other cats (more on that in a minute), but her dog history is unclear. You’ll need to discuss that with the staff. Come meet her!

Nervous Nova

This girl is 7yo, and she isn’t having the time of her life in the shelter. It’s a loud place with a lot of new smells, and it’s just too much for her to take. Nova spends a lot of time in the back of her kennel, worrying.
Adoptable cat Nova
When I dug into the paperwork to find out more, I discovered that Icey and Nova came from the same home. They lived together happily, but they weren’t considered a bonded pair. So they weren’t placed in kennels together.
It could be that Nova is taking the death of her person really hard, and she has to work through that grief just a little bit before she can be ready to head to a new home. And it could be that Nova needs to go into a space with other cats, so she can be more comfortable.
Adoptable cat Nova
I do know this: The way cats present in a shelter situation is not at all indicative of how they might be in a home. At home, Nova is likely to be the loving and sweet cat she was in her last home. But she’s just scared in the shelter.
If you’re interested in Icey, maybe Nova would like to come along with you. And if you already have cats and have good shy cat mojo, maybe Nova would be right for you. But we do need to network and help her. She’s just a nervous thing right now.

Beautiful Bunny

Here’s something that makes me feel better about Nova. Last week, this gorgeous 3yo tuxedo cat was almost as nervous as Nova. I couldn’t get him to come out from underneath his little stool for a visit. He was too scared.
Adoptable cat Bunny
What a difference a week makes! Today, Bunny hopped right out to say hello to me, and he really enjoyed getting petted all over his body. He chirped and purred and cheeped at me, and he really seemed to enjoy the attention. This is a guy who has decided he’s ready to go home, and he’s turned on the charm!
Adoptable cat Bunny
It’s reasonable to expect that Bunny will return to his shy cat ways when he gets into a new home. He is a thoughtful cat that needs time to adjust to new things. But, he is really making an effort to turn his kennel life around. And I’d love to see that decision rewarded.
Bunny has a good history of life with dogs and kids. He tends to run from children, so that might not be best. But other pets would be fine with him.
Adoptable cat Bunny
Bunny will need a special food for the rest of his life, as he struggles with urine crystals. But otherwise, he’s a healthy boy. His teeth have been cleaned, and he’s ready to move out! Any takers?

Special Mention: Callie

I’ve decided to keep mentioning Callie until she heads home. And this week, she’s still with us. And she is still as happy and chipper as ever. She spent a long time on my lap today, kneading my leg with her declawed paws, and she ran from shelf to shelf during playtime. She is feeling good!
Adoptable cat Callie
Callie will need to be the single cat in the household, and her family will need to be committed to her ongoing health issues. (Read up on that in her bio, linked above.) But she’s been waiting far too long, in my opinion. Let’s network!
So that’s it for this week! If any of these cats touch your heart, do visit. And share their stories. It takes a group of people to spread the word. We’d love the help. And if you feel inclined, do sponsor a cat. Click on the cat’s name and you’ll see a yellow sponsorship button. It’s quick and it’s easy. And it makes a difference.
Thanks for all you do!