Meet Cats Callie, Murphy and Sasha: They Would All Love You!

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Adoptable cat Callie
It’s not too late to fall in love this Valentine’s Day. In fact, I have three (okay, four) cats to tell you about this week that are all ready to head home right now. Come and visit them now, and you could be sharing the day of love together–and you’d know you were saving a life. What could be better?
Let’s get started.

Clever Callie

This 8yo cat is just right for the season. Just look at her heart-shaped face! That’s not a trick of the camera, either. She has a very interesting head and face shape. It’s one of the first things you might notice about her.
The other thing you might notice, when you come to visit, is that she has a big sign on her door that says, “Visit me last.” It’s not an accident, and it’s there because Callie has some special needs.
Adoptable cat Callie
Callie came to us with a very unusual breathing pattern. She would seem healthy, happy and quite normal, and then she’d let loose with these very weird breaths. She sounded a lot like Darth Vader from Star Wars. I can’t really explain it, but this breathing is very weird.
Callie has been through extensive testing during her time at the shelter, and the team discovered that she has two different bacteria strains living in her lungs and trachea, and that bacteria causes periodic inflammation that wrecks her breathing. Those infections can’t be 100 percent eradicated, so this is an issue that will come and go throughout Callie’s life. She will need a family that partners with a veterinarian so her flare-ups can be treated. And she’ll need to be the only cat in the home, as these things can be passed from cat to cat.
Adoptable cat Callie
In the shelter, Callie has been given excellent medical care and a barrage of antibiotics. And right now, she is in high spirits and good health. Today, she was whizzing around her suite like a tiny little kitten, playing with string and balls and stuffed mice. When I went to visit her, she leapt into my lap and tried to groom my head. When I left, she was using her scratching post.
Clearly, with the right care, this is a cat with a long and healthy life left. And she is so, so affectionate. Check out this video to see what I mean.

Callie’s special needs mean that she is not the right cat for every family. But we all love her in the shelter. We think she’s special. If you do too, please come to visit.

Magical Murphy

True story: This is my favorite cat in the shelter right now. He’s a 6yo tuxedo cat named Murphy, and he’s been waiting for a home since January 9th. I can’t really figure out why his wait has been so long, as this is pretty much the perfect cat.
Adoptable cat Murphy
Murphy is a very bold and affectionate cat that will come right up to people to ask for love and attention. If you sit down, he’ll jump right into your lap. And today, he decided to wrap his little arms around my neck and give me a full-body hug. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a cat in the shelter that is this affectionate. It’s remarkable.
Adoptable cat Murphy
Murphy is equally affectionate with every cat he meets. He likes to play with, groom and nap with his cat roomies. And if he lives with cats that don’t like him, he gives those cats space. This means he has excellent cat-to-cat manners, so he should be able to go into a multi-cat household with ease.Adoptable cat MurphyMurphy came to us as a stray, so we don’t know about his history. But at one point, he suffered some kind of catastrophic injury. He can’t move his tail at all, and that’s not something that can be fixed. That means Murphy can lose his balance from time to time (cats use their tails like a ballast), and he might need to have you check his tail for injuries and cleanliness from time to time too. It’s a small price to pay for a cat this great.
Come get him!

Sweet Sasha

Finally, meet Sasha. She’s a 15yo tortie cat with a bit of a sad story. She came to the shelter when the family home was lost. That family really, really loved this cat. In fact, when Sasha’s mom filled out her intake form, she told the team that Sasha likes her cat treats promptly at 6pm. That little detail breaks my heart. It’s clear that Sasha has been loved for all of her life. I’m so sad that she couldn’t spend the rest of that life with the people who loved her.
Adoptable cat Sasha
When she first came to the shelter, Sasha was a little shy and sad. Now, she has adjusted to her shelter life. She came right up to me for hellos and petting, and she ate her lunch with gusto without any prompting. She was happy to let me pet her, brush her and pick her up. And she purred during our entire visit.
Adoptable cat Sasha
In her previous home, the family reported that Sasha had not lived with other cats. She is living with a roomie now and doing well, so I wouldn’t be too concerned about letting her live with cat pals. She’ll just need a slow introduction.
Adoptable cat Sasha
Here’s a big bonus: Sasha has dog experience. She and her dog brother got along just fine with no fights or discomfort. That means she could live with dogs again. Sasha has also spent quite a bit of time around children. She doesn’t love them, but she doesn’t hate them. She might do well with kids again, as long as she has a place to retreat when things get hectic.
Adoptable cat Sasha
Anyone out there have room for a sweet and older cat? I’d love to see her head home this week. She really is a darling.

Bonus Beauty: Alfalfa

I’m going to keep putting this guy on the cat blog until he goes home. Why? Because I can’t really understand why a perfect cat like this is still in a shelter environment. He needs a home, and he would really do well almost anywhere.
Adoptable cat Alfalfa
Alfalfa is 6yo, and he’s got a calm and wonderful demeanor. He’s living quite happily with Sasha right now, so he could go into a home with other cats. Since he is so calm and loving, he might like kids, too. Come get him!
So that’s it for this week. Please share this post far and wide so we can get these cats into the homes they deserve.