Meet Cats Carleta, Custard, Bernadette and Liebe!

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Carleta the cat
Last week was a truly wonderful cat adoption week at Willamette Humane Society. All of the cats I mentioned on this blog (including Mikey and King George and Carter) found their forever homes. All of these cats were long-term residents, so we were thrilled to see them go home. But, there are two more long-term kitties that need you. And, I have a few newbies to tell you about, too. So let’s get started!

Cute Cat Carleta

Check out the pretty green eyes on Carleta! This 7yo female is a long-haired tortie with snow-white paws and a few speckles of white on her face. She’s not looking her best right now, as it’s hard to find the time to do good grooming when you’re always meeting with your fans, but she’s destined to be really gorgeous when she gets out of the shelter and into a home with a family that’s devoted to regular brushings.
Carletta the adoptable cat
Carleta came to us as a stray, and when she arrived, she was a little sensitive about being handled. In particular, she didn’t want people to pick her up or mess with her tail overmuch. That was about 2 weeks ago, and yesterday, I didn’t see much of that sensitivity. Carleta let me pet her and cuddle her and pick her up. And she had a lot to say about our visit and how she felt about me. Check out this video.

Some cats endure trauma when they live as strays, and it’s possible that happened to Carleta. But she is willing to leave the past in the past. Right now, she is ready to meet people and cuddle with them. I think that means she’s ready to go home.
Carleta the cat
Since Carleta was a stray, we don’t know if she would like children or other cats or dogs. She will need a slow introduction into a new home, and you’ll need to follow introduction best practices. That means no plopping her into a big room with other animals, and no overwhelming her with multiple visitors. Set her up in a room by herself with one or two visitors at a time for a few days. When she’s comfy, open her up to new experiences and new rooms. With that care and patience, she should do just fine.
Interested? Come see her! She’s so pretty and so friendly that I’ll bet she’ll go fast.

Clever Cat Custard

I know we have many Maine Coon fans in our community. And I also know many of those fans wanted to help sweet King George last week. If you missed out on him and you have room in your life and your heart for a different Maine Coon that is also male, shy and a senior, you might really love this cat. His name is Custard, and he’s almost 10 years old.
Custard the cat
Custard came to the shelter on April 10th, and he has a bit of a sad story. His humans were evicted from their home, and they moved away and left this guy behind. He looked for food for quite some time, until some nice people brought him to us for a shot at something better.
When he arrived, Custard was pretty shy. And that hasn’t really changed. He has a very high and protected cat bed that he tends to sleep in all of the time, and he rarely moves down from that bed to greet people. Since his fur is dark and his kennel is dark, some people walk by him without even seeing him. And that’s a shame.
Custard the cat
Open up Custard’s kennel and you’ll immediately see how nice this guy is. He purrs very loudly, and he responds tremendously to any kind of attention you want to give. If the shelter is quiet, he does hop down for attention. And he is another kitty that loves to give full-body purr hugs. But, he is overwhelmed by all of the hustle and bustle of the shelter. He may not come down off his bed during a visit if the shelter is full of visitors and staffers. I hope you won’t hold that against him.
Adoptable cat Custard
One cute thing Custard does: He likes to put his paw in his water dish and then lick that paw clean. He’d rather drink water like that than put his face in the bowl. It is so adorable, but Custard is sensitive about it. Chuckle at his behavior, and he’ll stop and go back to his bed.
Sensitive guys like this struggle in the shelter. Can you help?

Beautiful Cat Bernadette

Remember the long-term resident cat I mentioned? Here she is. Her name is Bernadette. She’s 11yo, and she came to the shelter on March 14th. That makes her one of our long-term kitty residents. And she has really flourished during her shelter stay.
Bernadette the cat
When I first met Bernadette, she was acting a lot like Custard. She was up high in her bed and while she was responsive to attention, she didn’t ask for it. After a thorough medical exam, the team discovered that this girl had a thyroid problem. That issue made her slow and lethargic and a little sad.
With medication and attention, Bernadette’s levels have improved, and her behavior has taken a complete 180. Yesterday, Bernadette ran to the door of her suite to meet with me, and she hopped right up on her scratching post to pull at my hands and sleeves. She gave me some hugs and kitty kisses, and then posed nicely for pictures. I just can’t believe how well this girl is doing. She is so ready to take this show on the road.
Bernadette the cat
Bernadette came to the shelter due to serious financial difficulties in her last home. In that home, she struggled with cats, dogs and children. All of those creatures had picked on Bernadette at some point, and her last owner felt it was best that Bernadette be the only pet in a kid-free home.
We’ve done some experiments, and we’ve found that Bernadette can get along with friendly cats. She lived just fine with Henri in her suite, for example. And she has done well with small child visitors, as long as they are respectful with her. If you have cats and kids, you’ll want to talk with the team about introductions. And you’ll need to keep in mind that your home must be gentle. No roughhousing or chasing or anything like that.
Adoptable cat Bernadette
Bernadette will also need to stay on her thyroid medication for the rest of her life, and that means she will need a family that can work with a veterinarian and provide adequate care. No cutting corners with this girl.
So what do you say? Can you help?

Bonus Beauty Kitty: Liebe

Here’s one more long-term resident. Her name is Liebe, and she’s a 7yo Russian blue mix. She’s a tiny little cat at 6 pounds, and she has the softest and sweetest fur ever. You wouldn’t believe how deep your fingers will sink into that fur. It’s amazing.
Liebe the cat
Liebe came to us from a difficult situation. Her owner had many cats, and sometimes, those cats had to fight one another for food and attention. They also didn’t get all of the medical care they needed. Liebe has some scars from that situation. She came to us with a very persistent and deep ear infection that moved through her ear drum. She is deaf in that ear, and she is still getting a little medical care for that issue. Also, she has some kidney damage due to her past. That’s another issue the shelter is monitoring.
Liebe the cat
Liebe will need an understanding family who will continue her ear treatments, and that family will also need to work with a veterinarian on monitoring her kidney disease. The team can tell you more about how that will work, and Liebe might need to wait a week or two before she can go home (to finish her last round of ear meds.).
I know people in our community rally to help kitties in desperate need. This is one such kitty. Can you share her story?
That’s it for this week! As always, please share these stories so we can get these cats adopted. And, if any of these stories touch your heart but you can’t take a cat home directly, consider sponsorship. Just touch the cat’s name in the titles, and you’ll head to a donation page. That is always appreciated.
Thanks for all you do!