Meet Cats Charlie, Princess Lorraine, Diesel and Dolly Parton!

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Adoptable catA typical cat blog entry has only three cats. But this week, I met four really awesome cats that would all love a new home for the spring. I couldn’t narrow down my selections, so I’m including them all!
Let’s get started.

Chipper Charlie

This flame-point Siamese boy is Charlie, and he’s about 12yo. He’s a very long-term resident of WHS, as he came in on Feb. 22. And I’d love it if he could end his wait for a forever home this weekend.
Charlie came to the shelter due to a catastrophic housing situation with his family. That family loved him so much, but they just didn’t have a safe place to live that would accept Charlie. So he came here.
Charlie the adoptable cat
When he arrived, Charlie had these very long and pointed fang-like teeth that made him look a little scary. As it turns out, those teeth were just held in his mouth with plaque, as were most of the rest of his teeth. The team performed a very in-depth dental to help with poor kitty’s mouth, and in that dental, Charlie lost most of his teeth. That’s why his mouth looks a little down and dour. He doesn’t have teeth to hold his lips in place.
Without those teeth, Charlie feels a lot better. He can eat wet food like a champ. So don’t let this medical thing worry you. Charlie has it covered.
Charlie the adoptable cat
This is a quiet and mellow boy who really likes other cats, but who has a history of living with a dog bully that chased him. He might be able to live with dogs that do not chase him, but we’re not sure.
He is very friendly and forward in his kennel, batting and cheeping at people who walk by, but he can be afraid once he is out of his kennel. It’s been his home for months, and he is used to it. If you come to visit, please don’t be alarmed if he seems worried in a visitation room. He needs time to adjust to new things. And right now, anything that isn’t a kennel is new.
Charlie the adoptable cat
The perfect home for Charlie will be calm and quiet, and that home will be patient with him as he adjusts. It might take him awhile to get used to a new lifestyle. But I’d love to see him go very soon. Can you help?

Perfect Princess Lorraine

This pretty kitty is a senior at 14yo. But when you come to meet her, you may not notice her age. She is a bold and brassy little thing that loves to show off by playing with her toys, climbing up and down off her cat trees, and whirling around your feet. She has a LOT of energy, and she’s not afraid to show it.
Lorraine the adoptable cat
Lorraine was wearing a cone today because she had a benign cyst on her head that was removed. She has some stitches due to come out on Monday, and she has to wear the cone until then. She will need no more medical care for that cyst, so don’t let the cone put you off.
Lorraine has been described as very affectionate, very loving, and very lap-oriented. She likes nothing better than to sit down with the people she loves. A word of warning however: Lorraine does give love bites, and she does bite a little hard. Small people will need a warning about that. She doesn’t intend to hurt anyone, but it can be a little surprising when she takes a chomp.
Lorraine the adoptable cat
Lorraine was loved beyond measure by her people, but her main man is in the military, and he’s going on a long deployment. Much as he wanted to keep her, he could not do so. We have promised to find her a wonderful home, and the person who takes her home can feel good about helping someone who is serving the country. It’s a wonderful thing to do.
Lorraine the adoptable cat
Lorraine has been declawed in front, so she needs to live indoors. She has an excellent history of living with dogs, although cats are a bit of an unknown.
Can you take her?

Darling Diesel

Confession: This is my favorite cat in the shelter right now. His name is Diesel, and he’s a spry 7yo. He has a pretty remarkable history. In his last home, he was a service cat. He helped the man he loved monitor his oxygen intake, putting his mouth close to the oxygen mask and chirping if the flow seemed off. He stayed right beside his man, helping and purring. When that person died, there was no one in the family that could help. So Diesel came here.
Diesel the adoptable cat
He had a rough adjustment to shelter life, and he was a little shy and worried. But all of that has changed now. Diesel is, hands-down, the most affectionate cat in the shelter right now. He climbed right into my lap today when I sat down, and he rubbed his little anvil head over my hands, face and knees. He purred the entire time I was there for our visit. And he got so excited that he did my favorite kitty thing ever: He drooled.
Diesel the adoptable catGah.
If you’re looking for a lover of a cat with a ton of affection to spare, this is the cat for you. He has a great history of living with people of all ages, including small children. He very much likes other cats, and he has great cat manners. When the resident cat of a home he tried to live in picked a fight, Diesel simply walked away without engaging. That is an excellent and rare quality. And, Diesel has also lived with dogs.
Adoptable cat Diesel
Diesel could live in almost any home. But be prepared: Since he had a slow adjustment in the shelter, he’s likely to have a slow adjustment in the home. He will need time to realize that he’s in a place that is safe. So a protected and slow approach will be best for him.

Darling Dolly Parton

I can’t resist this face. It belongs to an exotic shorthair cat named Dolly Parton who is just 5yo. We don’t get cats of this breed very often. (And confession: The last one that came into the shelter lives with me now.) These are cats with the flat faces of Persians but the short coats of British shorthairs. They’re amazing.
Dolly the adoptable cat
Dolly is a very bold girl that has settled into shelter life quite nicely. Today, she was marching in place with happiness when I walked into her room, and every time someone stopped to pet her, she flopped down on her back for tummy rubs. She purred and purred and purred and kneaded the air the whole time I was petting her. And when I came back later, she was doing the same thing for other volunteers. This is a cat that loves people.
Dolly the adoptable cat
Dolly came to the shelter due to a death in her family. She is accustomed to living with seniors, and she has never been around other cats, dogs or children. She seems bold right now and willing to accept attention from anyone, really. But she might need a slow introduction to other pets. If she’s never been around any, it’s hard to tell how she might react to them.
Adoptable cat Dolly
Dolly has a hernia issue that will need correcting before she heads home. But I assume that she will go really fast. If you’re interested in her, you should make a point to come soon.
That’s it for this week! As always, please share these stories so we can get these cats adopted. And if any story touches your heart, click on the names to head to the animal’s biography page. You’ll see a donation link. Any donation you give is so appreciated. Thank you!