Meet Cats Creature, Little, Liebe and Raincloud: They All Need You

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Creature the cat on his side
After a week away from the cat blog, I’m back with four really great kitties to tell you about. And I have a secret cat to share at the end of this post that you won’t want to miss. So let’s cut the chatter and get started!

Cute Cat Creature

First up is this adorable all-black kitty named Creature. He’s just a little more than a year old, so he’s not much more than a kitten. And a lot has happened to him during his little life.
Black kitty looking off to the side
When this guy was found, he was holding up his leg and he was very resistant to having that leg touched. The people who found him thought that this guy had lost a fight with a car. As it turns out, he had a very terrible bite on his leg that became infected. With medications, that healed up. Creature feels great right now.
Black cat looking happy
And you can tell he feels great, as he is so very affectionate. I loved spending time with him this morning as he was rolling and purring and kneading. At one point, he even flopped down on his back for belly rubs. I have photographic proof!
Black kitty on his back
It’s wonderful to see cats like this make a recovery in a shelter. They blossom from sick and scared things into bold and brassy pets. Now we just need to get Creature a home.
Since he came as a stray, we have no documented history of his life with cats or dogs. But we know he’s been very willing to interact with the cats he is housed next to in the shelter. He doesn’t seem scared of them at all. And the barking dogs in the hallway don’t seem to bother him, either. That seems to suggest he might do well with other pets, with the proper introductions. I’d love for you to visit him and talk with the team about that. And please come! He’s been waiting for a home since May 26th, which is a very long wait for a very young cat.

Lovable Kitty Little

Next up is this Siamese mix named Little. I hadn’t planned to put her in the blog today, but I was stopped by a staffer who specifically asked for this profile. This means Little is a staff favorite, and considering how many cats the staffers see every day, that means a lot. There’s something about this 2yo cat that’s memorable.
Siamese kitty looking proud
It’s likely that her sweet demeanor is what makes Little so popular with the staff. As soon as I started my visit, she tried to climb right out of her kennel and into my lap. She just would not take “no” for an answer, and every few minutes or so, she’d try for that lap once more.
Little is a very busy little cat, and the team tells me she spends a lot of her time totally thrashing her kennel. She loves to play and run and jump, and she can’t really do that in her kennel. And sometimes, that makes her a little frustrated. She’s not aggressive. She just wants out. I don’t blame her.
Little the cat looking at the camera
Before Little came to the shelter, she was living as a stray cat. When she was found, she was pregnant. Sadly, all of her kittens died. Little also had an eye infection, and while that has healed, her eyes do remain weepy and a little strange looking. She might have allergies, or she might have another eye condition. Her family might need to work with a specialist in order to address that issue.
Little the cat tries to leave her kennel
Little is currently recovering from a slight cold, so she’s in our kitty recovery zone. But she can be adopted from there. If you’re interested in her, please come to the shelter and ask to see her. The team can make a visit happen right away.

Luxurious Cat Liebe

Sometimes, cats come into the shelter with stories that make me cry. Liebe is one such cat. She’s a 7yo Russian blue mix, and she will need a special home. I’m hoping, if I tell you more about her, you will network with me to find her that home this week.
Liebe the cat
Liebe was living in an unsafe home in which she had several litters of Russian blue kittens. At one point, she had so many kittens that the food ran out. And she had to fight her kittens, her suitors and her siblings to get the food she needed.
Liebe is very small for a Russian blue (just 6 pounds), and it’s likely she lost most of those fights. That probably means she missed many, many meals. And cats that miss meals can develop very significant health problems. That happened to Liebe. She is just 7, but she has advanced kidney disease. She will need a special diet for the rest of her life.
Sweet Liebe looking cat perfect
In addition, Liebe likely caught a virus or caught a blow to the ear at one point. She didn’t get medical attention for that issue, and the infection deepened. She is deaf in one ear now, and she can be sensitive about head handling. That will probably persist for the rest of her life, too.
Despite all this, Liebe doesn’t hold a grudge. She remains loving, sweet, kind and remarkably playful. I’ve never seen a cat attack a scratching post with such force. And every time I introduce a toy to her, she goes after it with gusto. After a long play session, she wants nothing more than a cuddle. I can see her being an exemplary lap cat.
Liebe the cat
Liebe has been in the shelter since March. She was adopted at one point and returned due to allergies. That means Liebe has been in the shelter longer than any other pet that’s in the shelter right now. It breaks my heart. She deserves better. I’d love your help to move her out.

Ravishing Cat Raincloud

This darling boy has the misfortune of living in a kennel that’s situated directly beneath a kennel filled with kittens. That means everyone looks at the kittens. No one sees him. I think he deserves a second look.
Raincloud is about 10 years old, and he shows his age. He has the thin body of an old cat, and they tell me his teeth are terrible. He also has a black coat flecked with grey, and his eyes look deep and wise.
Raincloud the cat looking at the camera
Raincloud had a family, but they moved away and left him behind. The people who stepped in and brought him to us don’t know much about this cat’s history with cats and dogs and kids. But they do know that he is remarkably sweet. I concur with that opinion.
During my visit today, Raincloud leaned in for every touch I was willing to give. He pushed his whole body into my side, and he was so happy that I stayed with him that he started drooling. I could have stayed with him all day. And when I had to go, he was polite. No swatting, no batting, no fuss.
Raincloud the cat
Cats like this make excellent companions for busy people. They want love when you have time to give it, and they do not stress out when you’re too busy for a long visit. They are content with anything you can offer.
I know everyone wants a kitten. But doesn’t anyone have room to help this abandoned boy? I hope so.

Bonus Cat Beauty: Grass Hopper

Check out the cheeks on this guy! He has never been neutered, and sometimes, male cats that zip through life intact develop fat faces like this. He is also squinting due to an eye issue, which may or may not be due to those fat cheeks.
Despite his eye discomfort, Grass Hopper remains cheerful and chipper. He loves to be petted, and he’s pretty demanding about getting attention. He chirps and cheeps and mewls when he thinks you’re coming to visit. And I loved petting him today. He’s like a teddy bear!
Grass Hopper the cat with eyes closed
That’s it for this week! Remember, if you see a cat you’re interested in, tap the names in bold. You can find out more, and you can make a donation on that page to support cat care. Every donation helps. Believe me.
And please share this post far and wide. We need to get these