Meet Cats Crystelle, Skippy, Mrs. Fizzle and Valhalla!

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Adoptable cat CrystelleThe cat blog has made the move to Saturdays! And that’s great news. On Saturdays, I have more time to spend with the cats, and that means I can share even more great information with you about the cats in the shelter. And I have some great picks for you this week. So let’s get started!

Classic Cat Crystelle

First up is this absolutely gorgeous Siamese-type cat named Crystelle. She’s about 13yo, and she has been waiting for a home since May 5th. That wait has been due, in part, to this diva girl’s attitude. Crystelle likes to be petted and cuddled on her terms, thank you very much, and a kennel didn’t allow her to exert much control over who touched her and how she was touched. As a result, Crystelle got a little slappy, just to make her opinions known.
Crystelle the catShe’s made the move into a larger space (what we’re calling a townhome) and she is doing much better. She let me pet her and cuddle her and pat her this morning without much complaint. But she did show me her backside when she thought the visit was over. So that sassiness is still there. I’m just happy she’s not using her hands to demonstrate it.
Crystelle has reason to be sassy, as she was living as a stray cat in Salem until very recently. She has no front claws, so her life was likely very scary and very difficult. I don’t know how she caught food or fended off attackers. She clearly did those things, because she is still alive, but it must have been hard. Her family will need to accept that she is still in defense mode. It might go away with time.
Crystelle the catSince she was a stray, we don’t know if Crystelle will like other cats or dogs or children. But we do know that she loves her space. And she doesn’t move around much. She might like to live in a quiet part of your home with a sunny window and excellent bird-watching capabilities. Give her that, and she is likely to be a devoted (and really beautiful!) companion.

Superb Cat Skippy

Next up is 8yo Skippy, and I’ll admit that she breaks my heart a little. I have a longstanding relationship with this kitty, and I am hoping she gets the happy ending she deserves quite soon.
Skippy the adoptable catSkippy came to the shelter the first time due to a carpet-scratching habit. Cats do this sort of thing from time to time, and with the proper toys and training, it’s something that can be addressed. But her family couldn’t handle the issue, so Skippy came here. She was adopted from the shelter by a family with a not-so-nice cat, and Skippy and that cat couldn’t get along, so she came back. And then, she was adopted by pretty much the perfect family with a child Skippy LOVED, but asthma in that family made her come back.
Adoptable cat SkippyThat means Skippy has bounced in and out and in and out of the shelter, and that’s really hard on cats. They like routine and consistency and security. A life of bouncing gives Skippy none of that.
And yet, she retains her good nature. Skippy comes right down for visits, purring all the while. She really loves people, and she absolutely adores her meals. She is bound to make some family super happy.
Skippy the adoptable catDue to her history, we are recommending that Skippy be the only cat in the home. But again, she loves kids. Can you help?

Magical Kitty Mrs. Fizzle

I know we have some readers with a soft spot for seniors. I’m hoping to convince one of those readers to take a chance on this girl. Her name is Mrs. Fizzle, and we estimate that she’s a little older than 15.
Mrs. Fizzle the adoptable catMrs. Fizzle was found as a stray in Salem, and it’s clear that she was not a successful stray cat. She is very, very thin and her coat is thin and greasy. The team is running a few medical tests to get to the bottom of this issue, and Mrs. Fizzle is getting a few pills and supplements that could help. The team tells me Mrs. Fizzle is a dream to medicate. She never complains, and she gobbles her pills right down. If she should need ongoing medical care, she should be an easy one to work with.
Mrs. Fizzle the adoptable catMrs. Fizzle is very focused on food right now, and she likes to eat when people are around. But when her meals are all eaten, she is a gentle and sweet soul with a lot of love to give. She really wanted to climb into my lap today and spend some quality time with me. I can see her being an excellent Sunday morning newspaper partner.
Mrs. Fizzle the adoptable catDo you have space for a senior, special-needs lady? I hope so. Mrs. Fizzle needs you.

Bonus Beauty: Valhalla

I’m drawn to the Siamese-type faces right now (probably because I am fostering some Siamese kitten mixes!), so I am biased. But, I think this might be the most beautiful cat in the shelter right now. Her name is Valhalla, and she’s about 2yo.
Valhalla the adoptable catValhalla has an ear tip, which means she was considered a feral cat at one point. She was spayed and tipped as part of a feral cat program, I’ll bet. But she really isn’t feral. She is a little shy and reserved, but she happily accepted my pets and purring today. With a quiet home and a little kindness and patience, I would think she’d make a lovely pet.
Valhalla the adoptable catAnd seriously: Isn’t she gorgeous!?
That’s it for this week! As always, please share these stories. We’d love to see all these cats adopted this week. And if you are touched by any of these stories but have no way to adopt, consider sponsorship. Tap the cat’s name in the subheadings, and you’ll head to a donation page. It’s always appreciated.