Meet Cats Donald, Fiona and Spooky: They're Ready for New Homes

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Donald the adoptable cat
Still looking for that perfect someone to share your love with on Valentine’s day? I have just the thing. The cats I’ll profile in the blog this week are all known around the shelter for their love and kindness. They’d all love to be your Valentine. So let’s get started!

Darling Donald

Always wanted your very own house cougar? Donald could fit the bill. This 5yo cat has incredibly long legs and a svelte body, and he has a little glide to his walk that is very cougar-like. Donald also has a bit of an elongated face and little almond eyes. Can’t you see the big cat in this little guy?
Adoptable cat Donald
Donald may look like a wild man, but he is incredibly gentle and mild. He enjoys being both talked to and petted, and he whirls around your feet and legs when he thinks you aren’t quite giving him enough attention. Donald also likes to butt your shins with the top of his head. It’s pretty adorable.
Adoptable cat Donald
We’re not sure how Donald learned to both trust and love people, as he came to us as a stray. We don’t know anything about his background, his history of life with other pets, or his preferences concerning children. But, Donald is a pretty confident and frisky cat. He might enjoy life with other similar cats, and he might enjoy children as long as they are respectful. Confident boys like this often do quite well in new situations. If you’re interested in him, be sure to talk with the staff about how to set him up for success in your home.
Adoptable cat Donald
Donald has been waiting for a home for a few weeks now, and we’re all a little surprised about that, since he is so young and healthy. I’d love to see him head into a perfect home this week. Come visit him!

Special Spooky

You know what they say about all-black cats: They are a little easy to ignore. They blend in with the background in a shelter environment, and they often get passed over for more vibrant neighbors. That might explain why Spooky is still waiting for her perfect home. It couldn’t possibly have to do with her personality.
Adoptable cat Spooky
Spooky is a glutton for affection. With just a few gentle touches, she rolls right over to expose her belly. She purrs when you talk with her, kneads when you scratch her and grabs your hands when you try to walk away. I’ve also been told that she likes to reach up and give full-body hugs. This is a lover of a cat.
Adoptable cat Spooky
Spooky came to us because she is so loving, and her family wasn’t home often enough to provide her with the affection she needed. In the shelter, Spooky has been rooming with a few other cats, and she seems to like them. I’m wondering if a cuddly cat friend might help with Spooky’s love needs, for those families that work. It could be a good option. Spooky also has a good history with dogs, so a puppy buddy might also help her to feel warm and loved.
Adoptable cat Spooky
The short answer is that Spooky’s needs are probably pretty easy to meet. She just needs someone to take a chance on her this Valentine’s day. She is 9yo, very healthy, and she just had her teeth all cleaned up. She’s ready to head on out the door. Come get her!

Fabulous Fiona

This sweet face belongs to Fiona, and I’ll tell you a secret: She is a shelter staff favorite. This sweet and gentle soul has had a difficult life, and she needs something very special. This 11yo Maine Coon mix needs a hospice home.
Adoptable cat Spooky
Fiona has very serious health problems, including liver issues, eye issues and kidney issues. Medications and a special diet help, but this isn’t the kind of cat that will live with a new family for years. She doesn’t have years left.
But we want Fiona to spend the time she does have left with a family that will surround her with love. And should you be willing to give Fiona that gift, you will get a lot in return.
Adoptable cat Spooky
Fiona needs about 2 minutes (I timed it) in order to warm up and understand that her visitors are there to shower her with love. When Fiona feels comfortable, she is a wonderfully affectionate cat. She rolled over on her back for me today, and purred and kneaded through most of our visit. She let me pick her up, cuddle her and brush her a bit. She really enjoyed that close contact.
Fiona could stay at the shelter for the rest of her life, resting in her suite. But I think we all agree that it would be better for Fiona to spend the rest of the time she has surrounded by the love of a real family she can call her own. We’d like for her to have that.
If you can open your heart to this cat, please come and ask about the hospice program. The staff can tell you more about how to set up Fiona’s space and what she might need.

Bonus Beauty: Avalanche

This sweet face belongs to Avalanche. He is a 5yo Siamese mix with creamy fur and blue eyes. He really is a pretty guy. But he can also be a touch on the sassy side.
Adoptable cat Avalanche
Like a lot of Siamese cats, Avalanche likes to be in charge. Sadly, it’s hard to be in charge when you’re resting in a kennel, and Avalanche has been in kennels for weeks and weeks. He came to us from another shelter, where no adopters came to take him home. So he’s frustrated at the wait, and he’s doing a little swatting and smacking of his visitors as a result. It’s not nice, but I don’t think he can help it.
Adoptable cat Avalanche
I’d love to see Avalanche go into a home that will respect his sassy Siamese side and let him feel comfortable and in charge. Look how gorgeous he is! I just know someone would want him. Can you end his wait this week?
That’s it for now! As always, please share this post so we can get these cats adopted. And if one story touched your heart, do consider making a donation to support the shelter. It’s always appreciated.