Meet Cats Gizmo, Precious, Cocomo and Millicent!

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Gizmo the adoptable cat
This week, I have all sorts of cats to tell you about. Some are young, some are older, some are friendly and some are a little shy. The one thing they all have in common: They all need great homes. And I hope I can convince you to come and make one of these beauties your very own this week.
Let’s get started.

Gorgeous Kitty Gizmo!

First up is this supermodel, Gizmo. She’s a sweet little brown tabby with pretty gold eyes. And there’s something super funny about her little mouth. She always looks as though she is pursing her lips. I can’t figure out how she does it, but it’s adorable.
Gizmo the adoptable cat
Gizmo is a super young cat, as she’s just about a year old. And she has the spunk and play of a wee youngster. She spent a lot of time tapping and batting at my camera this morning, and she played with the toys in her kennel like crazy when I took a break to make some notes. This is a girl with a lot of energy, and she’ll need a home that’s devoted to regular play sessions to keep that active mind of hers busy.
Gizmo the adoptable catGizmo does take time out of her busy play schedule to give and accept some love. She flopped right down on her side for me this morning so I could pet her little head and neck. And she reached right out in the hopes I’d pet her with two hands, not just one.
Gizmo the adoptable cat
Before she came to the shelter, Gizmo was a stray. So we don’t know if she’d enjoy the company of other cats. We do know, however, that this sweetie is absolutely terrified of dogs. Maybe she had a bad run-in with a dog when she was living on the streets. It’s not clear, but she should not go into a home with dogs as a result.
Sweet and friendly and young cats like this tend to go fast. If you’re interested, come and see Gizmo soon!

Perfect Cat Precious

This cat is the polar opposite of Gizmo. Her name is Precious, and she is an incredibly gentle and mellow little kitty girl. When I came to visit her this morning, she was all snuggled up in her makeshift bed, and she didn’t get out of that bed during our entire interview. That means I couldn’t get all of the excellent full-body shots I wanted. But trust me when I tell you that she is a very pretty white kitty with blotches of calico color. She’s a stunner.
Precious the cat
Precious is 15yo, and she started out her life as a kitten at Willamette Humane Society. She was adopted by a loving family, but a serious health issue in that family meant that she had to come here for new people. Precious is adjusting to the change quite well, but she remains a little withdrawn. I think she misses her people.
Adoptable cat Precious
Precious has no experience of life with other cats, but she has done well with visiting dogs and children. Since she can be a little withdrawn, she might appreciate access to a quiet bedroom or back room when company comes. And she might like to live in a home that is quiet most of the day.
Precious the cat
Precious was wonderfully affectionate with me today, responding with purrs to both verbal and physical attention. I just know she’d make a great companion for the right family. Can you help?

Magical Kitty Millicent

Older cats not your style? You might really like Millicent. She’s a very young cat at just 1yo, and she has absolutely gorgeous dilute tortie markings and pretty green eyes. She’s also really small at 6 pounds. I know there are no other cats that look just like her in the shelter right now. And I suspect she won’t be in the shelter for very long.
Millicent the cat
Millie is another girl that came to the shelter as a stray, and I suspect that she didn’t get a lot of socialization work as a kitten. She startles very easily, and she’s been described as timid. She needs a little time to check out new people and new situations. And fast movements really freak her out.
Once Millie knows and trusts you, she can be a wonderful companion. She marches with happiness when you pet her and talk to her. And once she’s formed a bond with you, she’ll cheep and chirp at you when she sees you again. She kept trying to flag me down after our interview today with adorable calls and paw waves.
Adoptable cat Millicent
Since Millie is young and pretty, she’s likely to go fast. But her adopting family will need to be sure to take things slowly with her. She should not be put into new situations quickly, and she should not be forced to do things that make her uncomfortable. She will need time to adjust. Do that and you’re likely to have a loyal companion for life.

Clever Cat Cocomo

Panther cat fans: Have you overlooked Cocomo? This pretty 8yo girl is a long-term resident, as she came into the shelter on April 30th. Since that time, she’s been trying her hardest to overcome a difficult past and win the heart of a new family. And yet, she still waits. I hope that wait will end this week.
Adoptable cat Cocomo
In her last home, Cocomo had a litter box issue. There were a lot of cats, and the boxes weren’t as clean as this cat wanted, so she did some marking. The family responded by confining Cocomo to a kennel when she was not under direct supervision. Apparently, she handled that well. And it could be that the kennel experience has allowed her to tolerate kennel life at the shelter, too. But I keep thinking she deserves better. I want her to get it.
Cocomo the cat
Cocomo will need a family that will give her a slow introduction to the wider world. Let her live in a kennel in one room for awhile. And then give her access to that room with no kennel. Then open things up to two rooms. You get the idea. That will help her remember what it is like to have some freedom.
Cocomo the cat
This kitty has lived with cats and dogs, but it’s been a long time since she had face-to-face access to them. Again, a slow introduction will help.
Can you help to end her wait? I hope so.

Bonus Beauty: Custard!

I know I’ve written about this Maine Coon mix zillions of times before. But I simply cannot understand why he has not yet been adopted. He’s been waiting since April 10th, and I want that wait to end.
Custard the cat
Custard gets along beautifully with other cats, including aggressive cats. He simply walks away from fights. And he is a lazy boy that prefers to spend the day snoozing. Those two traits together suggest that he could integrate into a cat home and not take up a lot of space. And his adoption fee is only $25.
Can you help?
That’s it for this week! As always, please share this post so we can get these guys adopted. And if you have read something that touched your heart, tap the kitty’s name in the bold text and you’ll go to a donation page. That’s always appreciated. Thanks for all you do!