Meet Cats Noggins, Passion and Ahab: Three Remarkably Friendly Kitties

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Adoptable cat Noggins
What’s better than a snuggly cat on a cold, dreary and rainy day? Not much, and this week, I met some pretty amazing cats I’d love to tell you about. So let’s get started!

Natty Noggins

This sweet face belongs to Noggins. He’s an 8yo male cat that came to the shelter with his sister, Rose Mary. She was adopted, and now he’s hoping his turn will come. I have a gut feeling that turn will come soon.
Adoptable cat Noggins
Noggins is a gorgeous boy with bright green eyes and a close-cropped thatch of white and black fur. He’s a real showstopper, and he’s a very tidy boy, too. But it’s not his looks that get him so much attention. It’s his behavior.
Noggins is absolutely shameless in his attempts to get your attention. He’ll roll on his back in front of your feet, and wiggle and meow until you look down. If you don’t look down, he’ll reach up and tap your hands with his paws. He really wants someone to love him, and he’s not afraid to show it. This video is a bit of proof. Notice that I’m not petting him, and notice what he’s trying to do to get me to change my mind. Adorable, right?

Noggins had to leave his family due to a landlord issue. That family described him as independent and talkative. That’s certainly how he appears right now. But, Noggins is a sensitive guy, and it can take him some time to adjust to new situations. He was terribly fearful when he first arrived at the shelter, and that behavior is likely to return when he heads into a new environment, like a home. He’ll need a patient family to help him through that adjustment.
Adoptable cat Noggins
Noggins loves, loves, LOVES other cats, so he should be able to integrate into a multicat family, as long as the introduction is done properly. He has no dog experience, and he has a history of hiding from children. So cat friends are a plus, but dogs and young children might not work out for him.
If you’re interested in this guy, come soon! He won’t last long.

Awesome Ahab

This 1yo kitty, Ahab, is Noggin’s personality twin. He also has an adorable habit of flopping down on his back for belly rubs and scritches, and he also likes to climb up people who aren’t paying enough attention to him. Ahab also really loves to sit inside of a person’s lap. When I sat down today, he really felt at ease and he didn’t want me to get up. It was hard to get up too, I gotta say. I could have stayed with this guy all day!
Adoptable cat Ahab
Ahab’s people skills are a little remarkable, as he was found as a stray cat. Someone must have trained him at some point, but he got separated from that family somewhere along the way. And the world wasn’t safe for Ahab. When he came to the shelter, he had a terrible injury right above his eye. You can still see some of those scars on his little face.
Adoptable cat Ahab
Thankfully, with some medications and TLC, he healed up. He does not require any more treatment for that eye. But he may have those little scar reminders for the rest of his life.
Since Ahab came as a stray, we don’t know much about him. We don’t know if he’s lived with dogs, for example, and it’s unclear if he has lived with cats. But, he is resting in our new set of cat suites, and he can see other cats from his perch. So far, he has shown interest in them, but has not seemed willing to fight them. That seems to suggest that he could integrate into a home with other cats, but you will need to check with the staff about that.
Adoptable cat Ahab
Ahab really is a wonderful cat (he even likes to sit like a person!), and I just know the right home is out there for him. Since he is showing so well right now (and I think he was in the paper this week), he’ll go fast. If you’re interested, come visit!

Pretty Passion

Can you believe this gorgeous face belongs to a cat that’s almost 12yo? Me neither. But it’s true. This is Passion, and she’s a fluffy and gorgeous grey girl looking for a new home due to an illness in her elderly person.
Adoptable cat Passion
Passion was described by that family as a one-person kind of cat. She likes to be carried, cuddled, nuzzled and overall babied by a person she knows quite well. But she tends to hide from people she doesn’t know. She needs a formal introduction to new people before she shows them that affection.
This might explain why Passion has such terrible kennel presentation. When you come to visit, she’ll probably look a lot like this.
Adoptable cat Passion
It’s not great. But don’t let it worry you. Passion warms to new people within about 5 minutes (treats help), and once she does know you, she rolls and purrs and kneads with happiness. She loves all of the people on the staff, since they work with her all of the time. I’ve seen it, and it’s adorable. And she loved me after our visit, too. It was really gratifying to watch her decide to accept me as “her” person. I’m hoping she’ll do the same for a potential adopter soon.
Adoptable cat Passion
Passion once lived with other cats, but that was a long time ago. She has been living with one person as the only pet for quite some time. Ideally, she’ll find a home in which she can replicate that environment. But if you have a gentle cat and you’re prepared to do a long introduction, that might work. The staff can tell you more about it.
It’s easy to overlook senior cats, especially when they don’t work hard to sell themselves. But I am really hoping there’s a perfect person out there who can reach out to this grieving cat and help her. Could it be you?

Special Mention: Callie

Yup: She’s still here! For those of you who haven’t heard about this 8yo sweetie, Callie has two chronic lung infections that can be treated but not cured. So she needs to be the only cat in the home, and she may need special medical care for her lungs from time to time.
Adoptable cat Callie
Callie has been waiting for a home since December 28th, and she enjoys her kennel life. She runs and plays and charms the pants off of everyone who visits her. But no one has yet taken the plunge and brought this girl home. Can you help? Do you know of someone who can? We need to network to get this girl adopted.
That’s it for this week! As always, please share these stories with your network. The more people that hear about these cats, the more likely it is that they will be adopted. And, if a story has touched you, click on the cat’s names in bold and you’ll be taken to a sponsorship page. Your donation could help to fund that cat’s care.
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