Meet Cats Violet, King George and Marshmallow Fluff!

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Adoptable cat Violet
This week, I have some very special cats to tell you about, including two very long-term residents and one little guy who has touched the hearts of the staff and the volunteers in a really profound way. So let’s get started!

Vibrant Violet

First up is this sweet brown tabby, Violet. She’s just 6 years old, and she’s been in the shelter since March 27th. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why her wait for a home has been so long, as Violet could be considered a kitty package deal.
Cat VioletViolet is remarkably outgoing and affectionate. She’s the first to bat at people who walk by her kennel, and if you open up that kennel door, she flops right down for affection and love. She adores to be petted, kneaded and talked to. She likes to be picked up. And I hear that she really likes to be brushed. If it involves spending time with people, Violet would like to be involved in that activity.
Cat VioletThis girl also has an excellent history of living with other cats. And (bonus!) she also likes dogs. And even better? She likes kids. Like all cats, Violet should be introduced to her new surroundings and new roommates slowly, so she can acclimate and adjust and calm down before she has to share her space with creatures she has never met before. But, given this history, she at least knows what other creatures are, and she has a history of living with other creatures. That should make her transition a smooth one.
I just love bold cats like this, and it’s hard to see them wait for the right people to come. If you’re at all interested in the perfect package cat, do me a favor. Come get her!

Kind King George

True confession: This is my favorite cat in the shelter right now. And based on the way my visit went today, I think the feeling is mutual. This is King George, and he is a 13yo brown tabby beauty with a fluffiness you just have to see to believe.
Cat King GeorgeGeorge has been in the shelter since March 7th (!!), and his spirit has grown a little sad at the long wait. Instead of rushing to his kennel to meet new people and tell them about how great he is, he watches them from his cat bed. He simply doesn’t think he’ll be chosen. Open up the kennel, and he may not even get down from that bed at first.
But coax him, and that’s when this boy will really shine. After about 2 minutes of attention this morning, he jumped right into my arms and gave me the longest and sweetest of hugs this morning, all while giving me eskimo kisses and purrs. I cannot believe how open and affectionate this sweet old guy is. Just look at how sweet.

Cat selfie King George
King George and Jean selfie

We don’t know much about King George and his history, as he came to us as a stray. And that stray time must have been rough on him, as he has been declawed in front. He must have been so scared out in the world like that, and I am so thankful that someone brought him in for a better future. Now, we just need someone to take a chance on him and bring him home.
George the adoptable catGeorge has just been through a dental cleaning, so he is all fixed up and ready to go. And like most cats, he will need a slow and gentle introduction into a new home, so he can succeed and do well. But I’d just really love to see his long, long wait end this week.

Bonus: Charlie!

Remember this face? It belongs to long-term resident Charlie that I mentioned in last week’s blog. I was thrilled when he was adopted on Sunday, but he did not succeed in that home. So now he’s back.
Here’s the deal: Prior to Sunday, Charlie had been in his kennel since February, and he is quite comfortable there. When he got into a new home in a big room, he just couldn’t handle the adjustment. And he made some poor choices.
Charlie the adoptable catWe’d like someone to adopt Charlie and let him adjust in a kennel-like environment. Let him live in a dog kennel with food, water and a litter box, and place that kennel in a small room like a bathroom. When he is comfortable, open the door and let him move into the bathroom. When he is comfortable, let him move into another room, too.
Sure, this is a project. And yes, it takes time to complete. But this is a project that is sure to pay off as Charlie is a sweet and gentle old man. He deserves a warm home with understanding people, don’t you agree?

Very Special Cat: Marshmallow Fluff

First: A disclaimer. I know some of these photos might make some people uncomfortable. Please know that this kitty is not in pain. But we want to show you what he looks like, and we don’t want to sugarcoat things. That means we need to show you some rough stuff.
Adoptable hospice catThis sweet guy is Marshmallow Fluff, and he is a tan and white sweet cat that was found as a stray. His ear tips were white, and like a lot of white cats, they were prone to cancer. When he was found, those ears were bleeding. When those ears were biopsied, they were cancerous.
Cancer of the ears is tough to treat, because it is hard to snip off all of the tissue without drilling into the skull itself. And Marsh is not a good candidate for treatments like chemo or radiation.
Hospice catSo he has cancer, and he is not likely to live very long. But we want him to end his life in a real home with real people who love him. We’d like him to have soft beds, fresh water and warm food. We’d like him to rest in loving hands. He needs a hospice home for a few months. And when his time comes, he can come back to us for end of life care.

There is no adoption fee for Marsh. And we know he isn’t right for everyone. But he really is sweet. Can you help?
That’s it for this week! As always, if you see a cat here that touches you but you can’t provide the right home for that kitty, consider a donation. It helps the cats more than you could ever know. Just click their names to make it happen. Thanks for all you do!