Meet Chester (and Many Kittens!)

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This week, I spent a little time with Chester. He’s a 10-year-old cat, so he has a sweet and mellow vibe going, and he’s been declawed on all four feet, so he’ll need to spend his golden years inside. He came to WHS due to the poor health of a family member, and he seems a little confused about why he’s in a cage. I’m hoping he’ll be released from that cage quite soon.
Sweet Seniors
adoptable cat
Just down the row from Chester is Midnight, and I thought this little cage sign was right on the mark. She’s another senior at 9 years old, and like Chester, she may not get all of the attention she should, as she might seem a little too old to take home.
adoptable cat
It’s important to remember that indoor cats can live to a ripe old age of 20 years (so says the ASPCA). That’s plenty of time for senior cats to really work their way into a home (and your hearts). They may not be playful like wee kittens, but they certainly aren’t too old to have a little fun.
Case in point: Here’s Midnight spending a little time on the catnip cam. (Click here for the link.)
And here are “rambunctious” kittens Salt and Pepper getting down without any catnip. (Click here for the link.)
Not a lot of differences, right? Maybe the older ones deserve a second look.
Playful Kittens
But for those of you who have their hearts set on kittens, WHS is awash in them right now. In fact, there are so many available (and they go so fast!) that I’m not even going to link to their names. I’ll just pop up some photos of the sweeties I bumped into this week. They’re just a small sample of all of the kittens to choose from at the shelter right now.

adoptable kitten
Wearing the party hat while recovering from surgery.

adoptable kitten
“Should I play with this ball?”

adoptable kitten
Just hanging out in the suites.

adoptable kitten
“Is that the door? I want out!”

adoptable kitten
Cheating a little, as this guy was adopted a few weeks ago.

If you’re interested in adopting any of the cats I’ve mentioned here, WHS is open for business tomorrow.
And as always, please share this blog as much as you can. Let’s get these little guys adopted!