Meet Climber: A Rough and Ready Cat

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A lot of the cats I feature on this blog are supermodel material. They pose beautifully and strut delicately, and all of that charm and grace comes through in each photo I take.
But not all cats are such delicate creatures. In fact, some cats fall into a rough-and-ready category. Climber is one such cat.

A Working Cat

Climber is a great big cat that doesn’t really have superstar looks. In fact, by just looking at him, I can tell that he’s spent a lot of time working. His feet and his belly are stained by dirt, and his nose has a few little battle scars. This is a guy who isn’t used to the pampered life.
And he is really unsure about this whole shelter thing. He spends a lot of time walking between the two doors of his suite, just itching to get out and get to work. He doesn’t want to play, and he really doesn’t want to just relax. He wants to get outside and get to work.
If Climber were a dog, he’d be a Border Collie. He’s that focused. And I think he’d be an excellent addition to a working household.
Do you have a farm that he could patrol? A yard that he might protect? If he could spend some of his time at work, and then spend the rest of his time relaxing inside with you, that might be perfect.

Full of Affection

It’s important to note that Climber isn’t feral. In fact, he loves people. Check out this video. He’s displaying his pretty tummy, just hoping that I’d pet him.
Climber needs a home in which he’ll get affection. But that love should come on his terms. He can get cranky if he thinks the petting has gone on for too long, and there are certain things he just doesn’t like (including being picked up).
Since he is so particular, he shouldn’t go into a home in which he’ll be asked to befriend little kids. That isn’t right for this independent guy. But if you have love to spare and work that needs doing, this is the guy for you. Come get him!

Special Shout: Troy!

If you’ve been following the Willamette Humane Society Facebook page, you’ll see that we’ve done many posts about this senior cat, Troy. We all love him so, and yet, he’s still waiting for that perfect fit.
This week, I asked our awesome photographer Marilyn to take some special shots of him for me. I think she did an excellent job, don’t you?
I’m hoping he gets picked this week. He’s ready to go.

Next Week

I seem to have a knack for choosing next-week cats that get adopted this week. (That’s why I’m talking about Climber and not Juno this week, for example!) But, I have a special kitty to discuss next week. And if she goes this week, that’s wonderful!
Her name is Itty Bitty, and she has a long history as a stray. In fact, she’s been trying to come inside for 5 years. This is a girl that really needs a warm, dry, loving place to call home. I’m hoping she’ll get picked this week. But if not, I’ll tell you more next week.
That’s it! Please share this far and wide so we can get these guys adopted.