Meet Cracker Jack: A Whopper of a Cat

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Cracker Jack
This week’s profile kitty is Cracker Jack!
(I know, I know. This isn’t the kitty I mentioned last week. But, as I suspected, Pudding was adopted quickly! That gave me an opening to fill, and Cracker Jack is the perfect guy to fill it.)

Cracker Jack’s Past

Sweet CJ is a 10-year-old Bombay mix with a soft, thick coat of fur you’ve just got to feel to believe. Also, check out those big mitts! This guy has several extra toes on his front feet.
CJ also has some raggedy ears, and that should tell you a lot about his past. You see, this sweet cat was a stray for a lot of his life, and his ears seem to suggest that he did his fair share of fighting.
During one of those fights, CJ picked up the FIV virus. It’s a lot like the cat version of human AIDS. Cats can pass it along to one another through sharing blood products. Cats who fight, and who haven’t been vaccinated, tend to get this specific illness. (Don’t worry: This isn’t an illness that CJ can give to either humans or dogs. It’s strictly a cat thing.)
Even though CJ’s past was likely quite rough, he is also a gentle spirit. He loves to be petted. He’s calm and collected in the shelter, just waiting patiently for the perfect home.

Cracker Jack’s Ideal Home

Since CJ is so calm, he might do best in a quieter household. He loves people, but he also seems to enjoy quiet meditation. A household that can provide him with soft beds, warm rays of sunshine and plenty of laps to sit in should be just perfect for him.
And CJ does seem to love his naps. Check out how he prepares that bed before he lies down. If you like cats that knead, this could be the right guy for you.
At the moment, CJ is living with another cat who also has FIV. (His name is Blaze: Isn’t he a beauty!)

CJ and Blaze tend to ignore one another, and that seems to suggest that CJ could go into a home with another cat. But introductions would need to move slowly, just to ensure that fights don’t break out.
Could you take him home? I’d love to see him go this week.

Special Mention: Bisou

As I was walking through the shelter today, this girl stuck out. Her name is Bisou, and she’s new to us. Unfortunately, she seems a little overwhelmed by all of the activity at the shelter. She’s flat like a pancake, and her eyes are so, so wide.
Some sensitive cats, like this one, do very well in a home environment. But they don’t sell themselves well in the shelter. They try to hide, and that means they get passed by.
It’s sad, as Bisou has a lot to offer. Her family described her as independent, willing to accept affection on her own terms, but happy to just hang out on her own. She has lived with other cats, but she could be a little rough with them at times (it’s the independent thing again). Bisou has also lived with dogs, but her dog roomie chased her from time to time. She’s a little scared of the canine types now.
The one thing Bisou doesn’t enjoy is small, human and diaper-wearing. Yup, this isn’t a cat for families with very young children. She needs her space.
Do you know of a family that wants an independent kitty? There’s the right home for her out there somewhere. Let’s help her to find it!

Next Week: Hachi!

Heads up: This pretty girl is bound to go fast. Her name is Hachi, and she has lived with dogs, cats, kids and even birds (!). She’s young, too, and oh-so beautiful. If Hachi is still available next week, I’ll tell you about her. But if this photo tugs at your heart, best to go see her now! I’m sure she’ll be snapped up in no time at all.
That’s it for this week! As always, please share so we can get these guys adopted.