Meet Gloria: A Perfectly Wonderful Cat

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GloriaAs I predicted, the cat I had planned to profile this week (sweet Roxy) was adopted. So I had to do a little shuffling, and it looks like Gloria gets to move to the front of the line! That’s good news, too, as this girl has been waiting for a home for quite a long time. I’m hoping we can change that this week.

Life as a Stray Cat

Gloria came into the shelter as a stray, so we don’t know a lot about her history. That means the staff can’t tell you how well she does with other cats or if she’s lived with dogs or children. We didn’t have any former owners to interview for you.
But, we do know that Gloria has been a little lady during her time at Willamette Humane Society. She deals with medications, brushing and nail trims with ease, the staff tells me, and she’s nothing but polite during cage cleanings. That seems to suggest that she’s had a home in the past. She’s pretty far from feral.

Sweet and Kind

Gloria has been waiting for a home since the first part of December. Part of that long wait is due to the fact that she had a little cat cold. She spent some time in the clinic part of the facility, away from the adoption floor, while she recovered.
But her long wait could also be due to her gentle and patient nature. Gloria doesn’t yell to be petted and she doesn’t reach out her paws to grab you as you walk by. She hangs back and waits for you to notice her. That shyness makes her a little easy to overlook.
But should you take the time to interact with this gorgeous girl, you won’t be sorry. Watch this video for proof.
Gloria is available for adoption right now, and I’d love to see her go this week. Can you help?

Pewter Update

Sweet Pewter, who took the spotlight in last week’s blog, is still up for adoption. I was really hoping her long wait would be over, but she’s still hanging out and waiting for that perfect family.
This week, however, she had a whole new crew sharing her room with her. Up front is Trevor, a big love of a cat who is also looking for a perfect home. Maybe you’d like to come and visit?

Sneak Peek to Next Week

Next week, I’d like to tell you all about Greyberry. This beautiful girl is looking for a special home, as she has FIV+. That shouldn’t dissuade you from adopting her, and I’ll tell you why next week.
So that’s it for this week! As always, please share this blog. We’d love to have a big adoption week this week!