Meet Henri, Duffy and Precious! Three Excellent Easter Cats

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Adoptable cat HenriEaster is right around the corner, and I can think of nothing better than spending the holiday with a purring bundle of fun. If your mind immediately conjured up a kitten, I don’t blame you. This is the season of young creatures. But this week, I’d like to tell you a little about some older cats that all have a great deal of energy—and a lot of love to give.
So let’s get started.

Handsome Henri

Does this face look familiar? It might. This is Henri, and I wrote about him a few months back, when he was new to the shelter. He was adopted after a few weeks of waiting, but now he’s back again for a chance at a forever home.
Adoptable cat HenriHenri is about 10yo, but you’d really never know it. He is an active and busy boy that loves to be brushed, held, cuddled, and carried. He’s also a very active and fierce little toy player. Wand toys and light toys are his very favorite things in the entire world. He will play with you for hours, if you let him.
Henri also spends a lot of time flirting. He sits patiently by the door of his suite, mewling nicely when he sees people he might like to meet. He mewls equally at kids, adults, seniors, dogs and cats in carriers. He’s inquisitive and loving, and boy is he ready to get out of the little room he’s resting in.
Henri looking out the windowI’m not sure how Henri got so loving and trusting, as he really hasn’t encountered wonderful people in his past. He came to the shelter as a stray, and we found a few BBs in his hip. His tail is also paralyzed. It’s likely he was either shot and lost nerve power to his tail, or he was shot AND his tail was pulled. He’s not in pain now, but I’ll bet those were really horrible injuries. I can’t believe Henri holds no grudges.
Adoptable cat HenriThis guy is living in a suite with some shy kitties, and he’s the life of the party in there. He has wonderful manners with other cats, and he should integrate into a multi-cat home with ease. But be sure to take the transition slow. His last adoption didn’t work due to the strong opinions of the resident cat. She preferred to be a solo member. This isn’t Henri’s fault, and again, he holds no grudges. But slow introductions can sometimes mean the difference between happy and angry kitty families.
So what do you say? Can you take in a very special guy?

Darling Duffy

This is, hands down, my favorite cat in the shelter right now. Her name is Duffy, and she is a 2yo brown tabby. Why do I like her, you might ask? Because she is so darn personable!
Duffy the adoptable catDuffy is the sort of cat that isn’t shy about asking for what she wants. She spends much of her day reaching through her kennel bars to tap people as they walk by. And today, when I came to visit, she reached right out with both arms to give me a kitty hug.
Duffy came to us as a stray, so we don’t know about her history with other animals and kids. But she seems like a sweet and sensitive girl that might fit in almost anywhere, as long as the introductions are done in the right way. The staff can tell you more about that.

Duffy the cat in her bed
Duffy all curled up in her bed after our visit.

I’ll miss Duffy when she goes. Those kitty hugs are the absolute best. But I know she’ll make someone really happy. Could it be you?

Perfect Precious

This face might also look familiar to you. This long-haired tuxedo girl is Precious, and she is 14yo. She waited for a home for a LONG time last summer, and she was adopted by a family. But now she’s back again in the hopes of a new home.
Precious the adoptable catPrecious is another older girl that absolutely adores her toys. String toys, ball toys, laser toys and rattle toys all make her chirp and leap with joy. I played a ton with her last summer, and I enjoyed every single minute of it. And I wore out a lot faster than she did. This girl is active and busy, and she really loves to show off her zip.
When Precious came to us, we weren’t sure that she’d enjoy life with other pets. But she fell in love with the ladies in her suite. She worked as a mentor for a very shy cat last summer (pretty Beauty), and she intervened and coached that cat until she was showing beautifully and was adopted. I just know Precious could do well in a home with other cats. She has such a gentle soul and excellent cat-to-cat manners.
But, Precious does prefer to be in charge, and she is not afraid to put bold kitties in their place. That could mean that she needs to live with calm buddies. And it definitely means she needs introductions to move slowly.
Precious the catPrecious also returned to us with some opinions about being handled. She does not like to be restrained, and she can be a little vocal about that. It’s possible this behavior will disappear when she feels safe. She’s been through a lot lately, so it might pay to be patient.
Precious has been declawed in front, so she absolutely cannot go outside. And she does have lovely and long hair, so she will need pretty consistent brushing. (And you might notice when you brush her that her under-fur is white. Cool, right?)
I love this girl, and I am hoping this stay will be a short one for her. I can see her making an excellent buddy for a shy cat. Can you? Do you have room?

Bonus Beauties: Pierrot and Passion

Sometimes, cats make tight connections in the shelter. That’s what has happened with 11yo Passion and 6yo Pierrot. These two cats didn’t come into the shelter together, but they certainly seem to love one another. I found them all cuddled up today.
Cats Pierrot and PassionIsn’t that cute? These two are both adoptable, and clearly, they both could go into homes that already have cats. What about yours?
Cats Pierrot and PassionThat’s it for this week! As always, if a story has touched your heart, feel free to tap on the kitty names and sponsor that cat. Your donations really make a difference. And, please consider taking one of these sweeties home! They would love to head home with you, just in time for Easter!