Meet Holiday Cats Dolores, Ginger, Rascal and Tigger!

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Adoptable cat Dolores
Looking for just the right gift to put under the tree for Christmas? Or are you sure that Santa won’t bring you what you want, so you’re off to shop for your own well-deserved present? I have some ideas for you.
All four of the cats I’ll mention in this blog have been spayed/neutered, which means they can all go home immediately. And, the shelter is open tomorrow from 12-4. See something you love? Come visit!
Let’s get started.

Darling Dolores

This pretty girl is Dolores. She’s 11 years old, and as you can see, she’s very thin. Right now, she weighs a little more than 7 pounds. She should weigh quite a bit more. We’re not quite sure how Dolores got so thin, as she was living as a stray prior to entering our care. But we do know that she does not have FIV, and we do know that she loves to eat. The rest is a bit of a mystery.
Adoptable cat Dolores
Dolores is a very affectionate cat that really wants nothing more than to rest in your lap. She adores lap time, and she kneads her little paws with joy when you let her climb on in. When she isn’t sitting in someone’s lap, she’s content to rest in her bed until the next visitor arrives.
Adoptable cat Dolores
Since Dolores does move a little slowly, she will probably do best in a quiet home. I can’t imagine that she’d love to live with boisterous kittens or rambunctious dogs. She’s a little frail, and she just seems a little too dignified for that nonsense. So she’ll need someone that can provide her with space, warmth and love in a quiet environment.
Many people (including me) are helping by donating money, food, bedding and more to Dolores. I’d love it if we could also share her story far and wide. The right home is out there for her. Let’s help her find it.

Gorgeous Ginger

Isn’t this big orange tabby handsome?!? His name is Ginger, and he’s 14 years old. He has the thick and plush cheeks of an older gentleman, and his fur is incredibly luxurious and lush. It’s hard to believe that he’s at such an advanced age. He looks beautiful!
Adoptable cat Ginger
Ginger is missing an eye, but he has been through a proper eye surgery. He doesn’t have a big, gaping hole in his head and he doesn’t need followup care for that condition. He had an old injury dealt with by a surgeon.
Cats like Ginger recover from an eye surgery like this with remarkable speed. Ginger can use his other eye, his whiskers, his hearing and his nose to understand and navigate the world. He probably doesn’t really notice that his eye is gone.
Adoptable cat Ginger
Ginger is remarkably friendly, and he spends most of his days calling out to people walking by. He also reaches out to tap people that he really likes. And should you open up his kennel, he’ll reward you with one of the loudest purrs in the world. He’s a pretty amazing guy.
Adoptable cat Ginger
He came to us due to a death in the family, and I’m sure it’s confusing for him to be in the shelter after living in a home for so long. I’m hoping his stay will be a short one.

Bonded Cats Rascal and Tigger

These two sweet cats are new additions to the shelter. They came to us due to a death in the family, and the staff tells me these boys were a little shy when they first arrived. But, they seem to have adjusted to shelter life, and today, I found that they were remarkably agile and friendly.
Adoptable cat Rascal
Rascal, the grey tabby, is a very friendly boy who spent most of his morning whirling around on my shoes and playing with my shoe laces. He purred from the moment he saw me until the moment I left the room. I’m hard-pressed to think of another cat that’s as affectionate as this guy is.
Tigger, the orange tabby, is a bit more reserved. But he’s also very friendly once he’s had a chance to sniff your hands and check you out. After he inspected me for a few moments, he was more than happy to crawl into my lap for a little nap.
Adoptable cat Tigger
Rascal and Tigger were adopted from WHS as kittens, almost 2 years ago. They have never been apart during their lives, and they don’t want to start living apart now, thank you very much. This bonded pair sleeps together, plays together and even eats together.
Adoptable cats Tigger and Rascal
They’ll need to go into a home together. I would imagine that they could live with other cats, but dogs are a bit of a mystery. They might enjoy children, however, as long as the kids give them space from time to time.

Bonus Beauties

Think kitten season is over? Think again! There are oodles of little kittens all over the shelter right now, including these three Siamese sweeties. They’re all on hold, so they should be heading home tomorrow. But this is a reminder that there are kittens waiting for homes. Come see!
Adoptable kittens
As always, please share these stories with your friends and family members, so we can get these kitties into new homes.
And, if any of these stories touched your heart, consider a sponsorship. Click on the name of the kitty (I have hot links in the subheadings), and you’ll see a button that says “Sponsor me!” It costs just $30, and it means so much to the shelter. The money you donate helps cats like Dolores get fatter, and it helps kittens get spayed, too. We appreciate your donations so much.
Happy holidays!