Meet Kitties Marcus, Mike, Ike and Agatha!

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Adoptable cat Marcus
After a week of holiday celebrations, I’m back with more cat profiles for you. And I have four really special cats to tell you all about this week. Let’s dive right in!

Mysterious Marcus

This is Marcus, and he’s about 5 years old. He has the sweetest brown tabby face (look at those whiskers!), and he has the lovely habit of getting right beneath your feet and turning up his little face for kisses. It’s almost impossible to resist this guy.
Adoptable cat Marcus
There is something a little unusual about Marcus, though, and it took me awhile to see it. In fact, I didn’t even notice anything was amiss about this guy until I noticed him struggling to hop out of the litter box. Then, I saw that his legs aren’t pointed in the right direction.
Typically, a cat’s feet point on the north/south axis. Marcus has back toes that point from east to west. And, he also seems unable to straighten out his legs completely, and his back remains curled much of the time.
Check out this video to see what I mean.
Marcus was found as a stray, so we have no idea how this happened to him. It’s possible that he was born this way, but it’s also possible that he has an old back or leg fractures that didn’t heal up quite right. We’re just not sure.
Marcus can get around with the help of stairs and ramps. And he is incredibly loving and sweet. But he can get a little frantic and upset when he feels as though he’s either trapped or over-handled. So he might not be a good choice for families with very small children or very prey-driven dogs.

Adoptable cat Marcus
Marcus likes to let his legs sprawl when he’s resting.

But, Marcus seems to really enjoy life with kitty companions. He joins right in with the doings of his wild roommates (more on them in a minute), so he might like to live with the cats you have.
Special needs cats like this need special homes. We all know that. And I’m hoping someone out there has space for this dear cat. He is so sweet and his life has been so hard up to this point. He deserves better, don’t you think?

Wild Mike and Ike

Okay, these guys are absolutely hysterical. Their names are Mike and Ike, and they are about 10 years old. They’re living in a suite with Marcus, and I pulled their charts before I ran in to visit them this morning. Their previous owner described them as “water cats,” and I had no idea what that meant. I was about to find out.

Adoptable cat Mike
I think this one is Mike. But it could be Ike!

Both Mike and Ike like to put their front paws in water bowls when they drink. And then something about the ripples that are caused by their lapping fascinates them. Before long, these guys are diving in and out of their bowls, just like birds might do at a bird bath. In and out. In and out. It’s absolutely a riot.
Adoptable cat Mike
Is it Mike or Ike?

Thankfully, these guys don’t play like this all day. But anyone who takes them home will need to plan for a few moments of splashing every day. They love it so much, and it’s really funny. Why not let them?
Mike and Ike have grown up together, and they need to go into a new home together. They enjoy life with other cats (they’re not even picking on disabled Marcus, which is pretty remarkable), and they also enjoy dogs.
Their last person said they were the “best cats ever,” and I agree. Someone should take them.

Awesome Agatha

Finally, meet Agatha. She’s an 11-year-old tuxedo cat that came to us due to a housing issue with her person. She was described by that person as a lap cat, who is both responsive and very loving. All the volunteers agree. I’ve been hearing about Agatha for weeks now, and everyone has told me how much they love to spend time with her. Isn’t she darling?
Adoptable cat Agatha
Agatha can live with dogs, with children and with other cats. There’s just one thing unusual about her: She tends to give love bites. She does not bite hard, but she does bite. So she might not do well in a home with very young children.
Adoptable cat Agatha
So that’s it for this week! As always, please share this so we can get these cats adopted.