Meet Lollipop the Sweet Cat

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I promised sweet Lollipop her day in the sun a long time ago, but one thing or another has kept me away. This week is different! I finally got some time to really focus on her, and I’m hoping I can persuade some lucky family to give this shy girl the loving home she deserves.
Lollipop Basics
Lollipop upright
This 2-year-old female cat has been at WHS since the end of July, but it sounds like she’s been in the shelter before. Her previous owner adopted her from the humane society in May or so, and then returned her about a month later, because she was a pretty shy cat that wasn’t adjusting.
I can see how this might happen, as Lollipop is very shy. She isn’t the sort of cat that bounds right up to meet you, and she doesn’t demand a whole lot of attention. She prefers to observe and watch before she decides to jump into anything.
But unlike some other cats I’ve seen in the shelter, Lollipop doesn’t hide, either. She’s often right out in the open, on her little shelf, which leads me to believe she might be able to adjust to the right home if she’s given enough time and space to do so. I’m sure the adoption staff could go over the steps a family should take in order to make that happen in the right way for her.
Friends and Family?
Lollipop resting
Lollipop has always seemed like a loner cat to me, but the shelter staff tells me she’s taken a shine to some of her larger roommates (Timbo and Buster, who will be profiled next week!). She’s been snuggling with them and cuddling with them, and everyone seems to enjoy the company.
Shy cats like Lollipop sometimes enjoy having confident friends they can lean on when they feel insecure, and I know Timbo and Buster are gentle sorts that could help her learn how to enter a room and take it over.
Families who would be at all interested in taking multiple cats home will be thrilled with this month’s special, as it makes multi-cat adoptions really easy. You can read more about it here, but in essence, families that adopt a cat or kitten can then adopt an adult cat for free! Now might be a great time to take Lollipop, Timbo and Buster home.
Catnip Cam
I’ve written about Juno before, and that post also contained a video of her making quite a spectacle of herself on the catnip cam. But she is still in the shelter, and since Lollipop wasn’t too willing to be a video star, I decided to let Juno take the honors once again. She didn’t disappoint, either. (Click here to see the video.)
Juno is an amazing cat with beautiful markings and a deep-set need for play. But she’s also getting just a little feisty at the shelter. She needs a home of her own, and toys of her own, and a window of her own to look out of. Maybe this week will be her week?
Sneak Peek: Timbo and Buster!
TimboBusterThis bonded pair of beauties will be the focus of next week’s post. They are very big kitties, and it’s clear that they need to lose a little weight. But the family that puts in the work will be well rewarded. These are some of the most loving, kind and patient cats I’ve ever seen at the shelter. They’ve been incredibly kind to Lollipop, as I mentioned, and they’re also sweet with Wendy Bird. They also do really well with children. They’re bound to make some family really happy, and I look forward to telling you more next week.
That’s it! Please share this post as much as you can, and let’s get all of these cats adopted!