Meet Meowfasa, Hadley, Bernadette and Maleficent: Four Great cats!

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MeowfasaSpring has finally arrived in Salem, and that means kitten season is right around the corner. I know many of you are probably eager to see those little purring faces, and I know I’m excited to have the fluff balls around myself. But meanwhile, the shelter is full of really lovely older cats who also need homes. And some of the sweeties I picked for you this week are downright gorgeous! You won’t want to miss out.
So let’s get started.

Magnificent Meowfasa

Supermodel alert! Meet 1yo Russian blue mix Meowfasa. This is a cat that was simply born to model. Look at those eyes! And that fur! He’s a gorgeous boy, and he sure seems to know it. I had a wonderful time photographing him today. He held so still for the camera.
Adoptable cat
Meowfasa is a confident boy that is doing well in the shelter. He’s eating, drinking, using the litterbox and keeping up with his napping schedule. But he’s not exactly comfortable with his shelter life. And if you learn more about his background, that might be easier to understand.
adoptable cat
This guy was living in an overcrowded situation, with many other cats. As a result, he missed out on a lot of the socialization work kittens get. He probably didn’t get a chance to meet a lot of other people, and he probably didn’t get a chance to form tight bonds with humans. So while he’s confident, he’s not super affectionate. He enjoys being petted (and you’ll want to touch his fur, for sure). But he doesn’t solicit that attention.
Meowfasa is very young, so I know he can learn. And he has a ton of love to give. But he will need a family that respects what he’s been through, and that gives him the coaching he will need in order to live a healthy and long life as a house cat. He can go into a home with other cats (obviously), and a friendly mentor might be just what he needs in order to understand what house cat life is like.
Adoptable cat
Meowfasa has not yet been neutered, so that will need to happen before he goes home. But he has no holds on him. So he could be yours! Come see!

Marvelous Maleficent

Remember that overcrowded home? This kitty comes from the same background. But unlike Meowfasa, 2yo Maleficent is not bold and active in her kennel. She is also shy and undersocialized, and she is demonstrating that through hiding. When you come to visit, she’ll probably be under her towel, checking you out.
Adoptable cat
I hadn’t met this kitty before, so I didn’t know what to think when I saw the blinking towel. Should I pet her? Should I leave her alone? I wasn’t sure. If I was an adopter, I’d ask a staffer for help. And that’s just I did. I asked staffer Stacy to tell me a little more about this cat. And boy, did I learn a lot.
Turns out, Maleficent is a totally different animal around the people she loves. Stacy pulled the towel back and started petting shy kitty, and she became this whirling ball of love. She purred and kneaded and drooled and popped out of her kennel to give Stacy a hug. Check it out. It’s remarkable.
Adoptable cat
My heart broke a little for this cat, as she clearly has the potential to be someone’s beloved pet. But someone will need to do what Stacy did to make it happen. Someone will need to open the kennel, pull up the towel, and show this girl some love. And someone will need to do that work at home, too. She will need love coaching.
Adoptable cat
But again, this is a young cat with a lot of life left. The work you do will pay off with years and years of love. Can you help? She can go into a home with other cats.

Beautiful Bernadette

This sweet cat is 11yo, and she’s a personal favorite of mine. Her name is Bernadette, and she came to the shelter due to financial difficulties with her family. That family was heartbroken to give her up, but they simply had no other choice. So this sweetie came to us.
Adoptable cat
Bernadette can seem very shy in her kennel. She also is a fan of the hiding thing. But she warms up with only about 10 seconds of attention. Here’s some video I show today of her purring and kneading in response to a little bit of attention. She really doesn’t need much. She just needs a little love from the right person.

Bernadette has some thyroid issues, so she will need to take medications for that. And she has a history of fighting with other cats, so she will need to be your only feline. But I think she’s wonderful. Could you take her?

Happy Hadley

Finally, meet Hadley. This buff tabby is only 2yo, and he could teach the other kitties I’ve mentioned a thing or two about salesmanship. This cat is the first to greet people who walk into his room, and he responds to any attention from anyone with head butts, purrs and chirping. It’s hard to find a sweeter cat than this one. He really has a lot of love to give.
Adoptable cat
Hadley was born with an unusual eye that is much too small for the socket. He can’t see out of that eye, and it causes him some trouble. His other eye isn’t much better, as he has lashes that turn inward. So, his small eye will be removed and the lashes of the other eye will be trimmed. He’ll head into a new home with just one eye that will be very healthy. And he won’t need more care than that.
Adoptable cat
Cats with one eye do just as well as cats with two. And Hadley really is a remarkable cat that is cuddly and sweet. He should do well almost anywhere. What do you say?
That’s it for this week! As always, please share with your social networks. We’d love to get ALL of these cats adopted before kitten season hits. And remember: If any of these cats have stories that touched your heart, we’d love a sponsorship. Just click on the cat’s name in the bold text and make a donation. It’s always appreciated.