Meet Miss Kibby, Lillian and Bobbie: Three Cats You're Sure to Love

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Miss Kibby
The Pick Your Price special on adult cats is still going strong this month, and that means you can choose your fee for some stunning cats that are done with the whole kitten thing. This week, I have three cats (well, four) to tell you about that all qualify for this pricing. And they’re all pretty wonderful.

Magical Miss Kibby

This sweetheart of a cat is a Maine Coon mix. She has absolutely gorgeous plush fur, and her tail is incredibly fluffy and soft. All of that fur is amazing, but it’s what forced her removal from her last home. Some of her human counterparts became allergic, so she’s come here for a shot at a new family.
Miss Kibby: An adoptable cat in Salem, Oregon
Miss Kibby is a little older than 8 years old, and she’s been described as very affectionate and loving. She has lived with other cats and dogs, but she has no child experience. That doesn’t mean she couldn’t adjust to a child, but it’s just not something she’s dealt with before.
In the shelter, this girl is a little shy. She’s new here, and it’s hard to adjust to all of the hustle and bustle and noise. So she hangs in the back of her kennel, hoping someone will reach in for her.
Pretty Miss Kibby the cat wants to be petted
But, when I spent a little time on coaxing, this cat unleashed a pretty amazing purr motor. She did a little kneading in place, a little nuzzling and a touch of rolling. Clearly, she has some human experience, as she seems to like people.
I’m hoping her wait in the shelter is a short one.

Lovely Lillian

This hilarious cat is, hands down, my favorite cat in the shelter right now. Her name is Lillian, and she’s about 3 years old. That’s an approximation, as she came to the shelter as a stray.

Lillian: An adoptable cat in Salem
This is what Lillian looks like when you walk up to her kennel

Lillian is a little overweight, so it’s possible that she had a home in the recent past. But she came to use with a really nasty injury near her tail, and that seems to indicate that her stray life has been tough. She probably fought someone, and she probably lost.
The party hat Lillian is wearing keeps her from licking or tearing at the sores, so they can heal. It’s a clunky thing, but Lillian seems comfortable with the idea of working around it. In fact, she seems pretty comfortable with almost anything.
Lillian the cat has pretty green eyes
Lillian gives kitty kisses through the door of her kennel, and she doles out high 5s as well. She nuzzles and pushes on the door when you close it, hoping to entice you to open it back up again. And when you do, she’ll march in place to show you how happy she is.
Lillian the cat rubbing her kennel door with her chin
How can you walk away from this? I couldn’t.

I’ve been told that Lillian is pretty darn vocal and that she tends to use her paws quite a bit. Combine those traits with her unusual coat (see the ticking?), and I’m starting to wonder if there’s some Abyssinian in there somewhere. It would be interesting to find out.
Lillian the cat on her green bed in her kennel
Friendly, outgoing, relatively young cats like Lillian go fast. If you’re at all interested in her, do schedule a visit sooner rather than later.

Beautiful Bobbie

Remember beautiful tortie Bobbie from last week? Well, she’s still here. And I can’t really figure out why.
Bobbie: An adoptable tortie cat in Salem
Bobbie is an 8-year-old girl with a tiny kinked tail and a huge personality. She loves to give kitty kisses, and she responds to any kind of attention with rolling and kneading. She has cat experience, kid experience and dog experience. In short, she’s a just-about-perfect cat.
Here’s a little video proof.
Someone should come and get this girl!

Special Mention: Jack Sparrow

Some cats like Bobbie and Lillian work hard to entice adopters to take them home. But some cats are a little too shy for salesmanship. This guy, Jack Sparrow, is one such shy cat.
Jack Sparrow: An adoptable black, brown and white cat
He’s a 7-year-old beauty with cream fur and pale blue eyes. He also has a hint of a mustache, which I love. He’s a very sweet and loving cat, but he’s always been shy. That comes straight from his last person, who says this kitty would do best in a home with a quiet adult. He thrives on consistency and calm. Anything strenuous is probably too much for him to bear.
Jack Sparrow has experience with other cats and with dogs, so he could blend into a multi-pet home with the right introductions.
I’m hoping someone comes to visit him this week. A shelter is far from quiet, so this isn’t the right place for this sensitive guy.
That’s it for this week! As always, please share this post so we can get these guys adopted.