Meet Mitzy, Blair, KC and Glinda: Four Cats That Need You

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Mitzy the adoptable cat
Have you been on the fence about adopting a cat? I hope I can convince you that now is the time to add an adult kitty to your home. Why? Because Willamette Humane Society is just full of cats right now. And I’ve picked four to tell you about this week that are all really outstanding.
Let’s get started.

Magical Cat Mitzy

This 2yo buff tabby is Mitzy, and that’s not a trick of the camera. She really is a slightly orange tabby and she really is a female. That’s a little rare, as the vast majority of cats in the orange spectrum are male. But Mitzy rocks the orange as a female.
Adoptable cat Mitzy
If you look closely, you’ll see something else interesting about Mitzy. She’s polydactyl. I didn’t count how many extra toes she has, but I think she has at least two extra on her little front feet.
Mitzy came to the shelter on May 7th, and she’s quickly become a staff favorite. Everyone in the shelter said the same thing when I mentioned I’d be working with Mitzy today: “Oh, I LOVE Mitzy!” I can see why.
Adoptable cat Mitzy
Mitzy is a remarkably loving cat. She purrs and kneads with just a little bit of attention, and she stays calm even in the face of crowds and noise and bustle. She’s a confident little girl that knows she’s beautiful and that tends to reserve her energy for things that are important. I really enjoyed working with her today. Calm cats are a breeze to photograph!
Mitzy came to the shelter when her humans had a baby. Mitzy started marking off her turf, and her people just couldn’t handle that problem along with the demands of a new baby. So Mitzy should not go into a home with babies. BUT, she does get along with both cats and dogs. She’s been declawed in front, so she’ll need to stay indoors all the time.
Come get her!

Beautiful Cat Blair

Next up is this pretty 3yo brown tabby named Blair. She’s been in the shelter since April 25th, and her story is a touch on the sad side. I hope you’ll keep reading, because this back story is what makes Blair (and Willamette Humane Society) so special.
Blair was found in some distress in a neighborhood in Salem. She was struggling to walk, her bladder didn’t seem to work quite right and her fur was thin. The family that found Blair rushed her to the shelter for help.
Adoptable cat Blair
The team met Blair and assessed her, and everyone felt as though she could be someone’s beloved pet, if the shelter invested in Blair and her future. So she had a thorough assessment, and this week, she had a major surgery. As it turns out, Blair had a tumor and an abdominal hernia. Those two things together made walking and peeing hard for Blair. After surgery, she should be much more comfortable.
In the past, Blair has been a little reluctant to meet people. She was worried and painful. But today, I found a transformed little kitty willing to knead and purr and head-butt. This is a loving girl that deserves a forever home.
See Blair on video
Blair might need a special home, and I encourage you to talk with the adoption staff about what health issues Blair might have in the future. Her hernia issue might need monitoring, as might that lame leg. But I know special needs kitties can be so rewarding to rescue and love. If you can, please come to take this kitty.

Kind Kitty KC

Next up is KC, a 6yo kitty that’s been in the shelter since May 15th. She’s a very striking grey and white tabby with absolutely magnificent whiskers and gorgeous kitty mascara. She was thrilled to show it all off for me during our photo shoot today. I’m just in love with this face.
KC the adoptable cat
I met KC when she first came to the shelter, and she was sad and scared at that time. Since then, KC has improved quite a bit. She’s at the front of her kennel now, actively seeking out attention and information. She also has learned to accept a great deal of affection from visitors, and she responds with purrs and head butts to people who pay attention to her. All of that is great news, as it means KC is ready to head to a new home.
Adoptable cat KC
That home should not house other animals, including both dogs and cats. In her last home, KC was bullied by other pets and she doesn’t like to repeat her mistakes. So she will need to be your only pet. And KC has been declawed in front, so she will need to be inside all of the time.
Adoptable cat KC
In addition, KC has a history of slow adjustments to new situations. So she’ll need to be introduced to the home in a step-by-step format. Place her in one room and let her adjust to that room before giving her full run of the house. And, be aware that KC might always like to have an escape room of her own. She is a sensitive and independent. Giving her space to get away when she is overwhelmed is the best gift you can give her.
Come get her!

Gorgeous Kitty Glinda

Finally, meet 3yo Glinda, who came to the shelter on June 10th due to a family move. Although you can’t see it here, Glinda is a really pretty longhaired tuxedo cat with perfect little white-sock feet.
Why can’t you see it? Because Glinda is a little shy right now and she prefers to spend her days in her little cubby. Much as I coaxed her, she didn’t feel like emerging all the way out of her hiding space for photos. But she was more than willing to accept love while in her cubby.
Adoptable cat Glinda
It’s possible that Glinda will grow more comfortable in her suite as the days pass. I’ve seen it happen with kitties like KC. But I am also hoping that someone will take a chance on this shy cat sweetheart and bust her out now, so she doesn’t have to adjust.
Adoptable cat Glinda
Glinda has a lot to offer. She’s wonderful with other cats, and she has a great history of living with children as young as 2yo. She likes to be carried and cuddled, and she’s been described as mellow and easygoing. I know a lot of people look for cats with these attributes. They’ll find them in Glinda.

Bonus Beauty: Liebe

It shocks me that 7yo Liebe is still in the shelter. She’s been here since March, and as much as she tries, she hasn’t been able to convince a family to choose her. I am hoping that will change this week. Liebe has moved from a kennel to a communal suite, and she is showing off her sassy self wonderfully. Today, she leapt into my arms when I walked into the room, purring and kneading and cuddling. That’s remarkable, and it shows just how much love Liebe has to give.
Adoptable cat Liebe
Liebe has some early kidney disease, so she will need special food. And she is deaf in one ear, due to a prior trauma. She can get along with cats, but dogs are a mystery. She loves people, however. And she deserves to get out of the shelter soon. Come visit!
That’s it for this week! As always, please share these stories so we can get these kitties adopted. And if you read a story that touches your heart, hit the names in bold and you’ll head to a profile page where you can sponsor a pet.
I’ll be out next week, so no cat blog. But, there are just tons of cats in the shelter right now. If all of you readers could pick one or two and share them on your social accounts, that would do wonders.
Thanks for all you do!