Meet Our Featured Felines

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There’s a chill in the air, and we have a solution. These four cuddly cats would love to snuggle with you and keep you warm. All of them are adults, and they’re all deserving of the best family possible. Let’s help make it happen!

Sweet Cat Vlad

First up is 3yo Vlad. He’s been with us since September 13, and he’s hoping this week will be his adoption week!

Beautiful Vlad was brought to the shelter in rough shape. We’re not sure what happened, but he was injured on the side of his face, and that injury became inflamed and infected. We’re sure it hurt a lot! And Vlad was scared. With gentle medical care and treatment, this kitty made a full recovery. And we saw his personality blossom.

Vlad purrs as soon as he sees people. He’ll hop right up to say hello, and he can’t get enough of gentle pets and touches. Our volunteers absolutely adore this boy, and he often has a fan club surrounding him. He thrives with all that attention.

Vlad lived as a street cat for some time, and he does have some leftover trauma to process. He can grow skittish and worried with loud noises and fast movements. He’s hoping his family will be understanding about that.

We’re not sure if he has experience with cats or dogs. Slow introductions will be best for this pretty guy.

Sweet Tabby Spanky

Next up is 6yo Spanky. She just had a haircut due to very painful mats, and she is feeling a little self-conscious. But we still think she’s beautiful.

Spanky more than a pretty face. This is a cat with depth, and she’s hoping someone will recognize that and take her home.

Spanky came to us as a stray cat, so we’re not sure what she’s accustomed to. We think her life on the streets may have been difficult, and she can be a little shy and worried. But with kindness and patience, she blossoms. She is very trusting and loving with people she knows well. And she wants nothing more than a lap to call her own.

Spanky is living in a suite with other cats, and while she doesn’t express a lot of interest in being best friends with them, she lives alongside her feline roommates nicely. She could join your cat family with ease, as long as your kitty friends aren’t rambunctious or loud. She prefers kind feline friends.

If you’re a shy cat whisperer, make a date to meet Spanky! She’s looking for someone like you.

Sweet Cat Sheeba

Next up is 4yo tortie cat Sheeba. She is a little shy, and she doesn’t enjoy cameras. But you can see how pretty she is.

If you’re looking for a kitty with exceptional cuddle skills, Sheeba might be the right cat for you. Her former family describes her as incredibly cuddly, kind, and affectionate. She likes to sit on laps, and she enjoys being picked up for cuddles.

Sheeba has a good history of life with kids. She’s known for crawling into bed with tiny humans when nighttime rolls around. If you’ve been hoping for a kitty friend for your children, you must come meet this girl.

Sheeba has lived with cats before, and she enjoys them. In fact, she came into the shelter with her sister Sasha. She might like to head home with her sister, if that’s possible. These cats have done well with visiting dogs, although they have never lived with one full time.

This pretty girl was separated from her family due to a difficult financial situation, and we know she misses her humans. We hope we can get her into the perfect home very soon. Maybe you can help with that?

Mom Cat Valerie

Last but not least, meet Valerie! She is just 2yo, and she came to the shelter with a litter of kittens. They have all been adopted, and now it’s time for Valerie to find her family.

One of our staff members wrote up a biography for this kitty, and it sums her up perfectly. It reads: “Valerie loves attention and purrs a bunch to prove it. Her hobbies include soft talking, rubbing up alongside tables and human legs, and being held for short bits of time. She also cherishes being pet, and the occasional lap sit. Valerie’s been known to sit at the windowsill and delight in the view outdoors. She likes to play and explore new things after she’s taken some quality time warming up to new environments and new people. Valerie appears to tolerate dogs, but will likely favor a home without one. She enjoys spending some time doing her own thing, and in addition is very affectionate and warm-hearted. She is likely to become one of your good friends.”

We hope you’ll come see her!

Final Thoughts

That’s it for this week! If you see a cat you’re in love with, be sure to come down and say hello very soon. Cats get adopted quicker than you thought possible. And if adoption isn’t right for you, consider joining our Golden Hearts Club program! Your monthly donation will make happy endings possible. Find out more about it here.