Meet Pebbles and Reginald: Two Big Kitties With Big Hearts

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Did your New Year’s resolution involve losing a pound or two? Are you looking for a furry creature to share in your weight-loss goals? I’ve got two for you: Reginald and Pebbles. These sweeties are both a little on the heavy side, but they both have so much love to give.

Pebbles the Perfect

Okay, I’ll admit it. Pebbles is one of the biggest cats I’ve ever seen. She tips the scales at about 20 pounds, and she should weigh a lot less than that. At this size, it’s hard for her to stay clean and tidy, and it must be really hard on her joints to carry around all of that excess mass. She needs to lose some weight.
But that should be easy enough to accomplish. With a few daily play sessions and the right diet, those excess pounds should come right off. And Pebbles is a lot of fun to work with. She loves to play with string toys, and she chases noisy balls around, too. I can imagine that she’ll love laser toys and feather toys as well.
When exercise time is over, I’m sure Pebbles would love a little kitty massage. She flops right over like this for belly rubs, and she’s a master of the head butt. She’s so affectionate right now that it makes me wonder what she’ll be like when all that weight comes off. With more energy to spare, she might have even more love to give!

The Pebbles Past

Pebbles comes from a multi-cat home, and her prior owner reports that she loves the company of other felines. (Just remember that she’ll need to eat separately from her roomies, or else she might steal all the food!) Pebbles also has a great history with dogs.
Little kids are also just fine and dandy with Pebbles. She is a sweet and calm girl that really gets along with almost anyone. If you’ve got little kids, she might really like to meet them. Plus, kids are great at making kitties play! That could be good for this big girl.

Reginald the Regal

Reginald isn’t nearly as big as Pebbles. But he could stand to lose a pound or two. And that’s important, as he’s starting to lose the ability to care for his thick and wonderful fur. At this weight, he can’t groom out all of the tangles, and he’s getting matted. Help him lose some weight, and he could do a better job.
Reginald should be an easy weight-loss cat, too, because he’s super frisky. Today, he spent quite a bit of time darting from one end of his suite to another. He pounced on his roomies (which they didn’t really love, by the way, but they tolerated it), pounced on me and pounced on a wee little ant he found on the wall. This is a busy little bee of a cat. That should make him easy to exercise.

The Reginald Past

Reginald came to the shelter when his family was moving and couldn’t take him along. In that home, he was a singleton. And since he can be a little frisky, we’re recommending that he go into a home with no dogs and no children. Busy cats like this sometimes can’t handle the added attention small children and dogs can bring.
Reginald has also been declawed in front, so he’ll need to live inside for the rest of his life. Without weapons, he’s in real danger on the outside. So he’ll need your inner shelter to stay safe.

Bonus: Climber the Photobomber

Beauty from last week’s blog (read it right here) is still waiting for the perfect home. That shocks me a little, because I think she’s a nearly perfect cat with a wonderful purr that just melts my heart. I wanted to get another photo of her this week, and it was only when I got home that I noticed that sneaky Climber managed to insert himself in the shot. He’s a crackup. I’m hoping he’ll win over someone this week. He really is a funny guy, and he’s been waiting for a home a little too long.
That’s it for this week! Please share this blog, so we can get these guys adopted.