Meet Petey, Rufus and Harvey Dent: Three Very Adoptable Cats!

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Harvey Dent the cat in SalemThis week, I have three male cats to tell you about. And be sure to read all the way to the end, too, as I have a bonus cat to mention, too!

Handsome Harvey Dent

First up is the very photogenic Harvey Dent. I happened to schedule our photo shoot during the breakfast hour, so he was very willing to interact with me. I think he was hoping I’d put my camera down and give him some nosh!
Hungry Harvey Dent the cat
All of the cats in the shelter have bowls of dry food available for intermittent snacking (unless they’re dieting, of course). But Harvey is a special case. He had significant dental disease at some point in his life, so he has very few teeth left. In fact, when he opens his mouth to yawn, you’ll see only gums in there. As a result, he needs wet food. Provide that, and he’ll gobble it right down.
Harvey is 12 years old, so that kind of dental issue isn’t all that atypical. But otherwise, Harvey is a healthy guy. He was enthusiastic about getting attention from me, and he had a whole lot to tell me about his day and his adventures. I got him to play with a few soft and crinkly toys, and he happily followed me around the room to check out what I was doing and where I was going. This senior cat clearly has a lot of pep in his step.
Proud Harvey Dent the cat
At the moment, Harvey is living happily with a whole bunch of roomies. He is good about providing clear signals when he wants his space, and that kind of clear communication will help him to adjust to a new multi-cat home relatively easy. We’re not sure about Harvey’s dog history, however, and we do know that he doesn’t prefer to live with children.
Harvey has been waiting for a home for close to a month now, and we’re all hoping that wait ends this week. Any takers?

Perfect Petey

This doll baby is Petey. He’s reached the advanced age of 15 years (!!), so he’s certainly no kitten. But, his age and his nature should make him an ideal pet for someone out there.
Adoptable senior cat Petey
Unlike younger cats that might be all up in your business all day long, Petey is content to simply watch what you’re doing and interject with a meow or a purr of approval from time to time. He really likes to whirl between your ankles when you’re standing still, and if you sit down, he’s likely to curl up in your lap. But if you’re busy, this cat will also just find his own napping spot and stay put.
People who want a gentle and soft companion, but who may not have the time to devote to a needy cat, might really enjoy Petey. He’s happy with any level of attention you might choose to give him, and he’s confident enough to entertain himself if you can’t help. Sounds very much like the perfect cat to me.
Adoptable senior cat Petey
Petey has a history of kidney/bladder problems (common in male cats), so he needs to be on a special diet. And he needs to eat a little less of that diet, too, as he’s a touch on the heavy side. The staff can tell you all about that.
If you have other cats, Petey might be an excellent choice. He was hanging out in a room with a roomie earlier this week, and he took that in stride. He tends to back down quickly when challenged, and he never initiates any kind of aggression at all. Gentle roomies might make him quite happy.
Adoptable senior cat Petey
Petey has been waiting at the shelter for just a week or two, but even that seems too long for a cat like this who really is a package deal. I’m hoping someone takes a chance on him this week.

Rambunctious Rufus!

This whirlwind of energy is Rufus, a 4-year-old cat that came into the shelter as a stray.
Rufus the adoptable cat
Many stray cats don’t have very good human manners. Rufus is a different story. This big boy was well socialized early in life, and he’s a purring machine. Simply look at him and the motor starts going. Pet him, and he’ll throw out all the stops with kneading, rolling and love bites. I would imagine that Rufus had a home at one point, and it’s clear that he’s desperate to get that kind of home again.
Rufus the adoptable cat
Rufus is living in a multi-cat suite at the moment, and he is doing quite well, even with pushy roommates that aren’t terribly nice to him. That seems to indicate that he could do well in another multi-cat home, as long as the introductions are done properly.
But since Rufus is a stray, we have no history on his experience with either children or dogs. If you’re interested in him, you’ll need to ask the adoption team about that.
Rufus the adoptable cat
Rufus is relatively young, and with his cheerful personality, I expect him to go fast. Come visit!

Bonus: Savros!

About a month ago, I mentioned Stavros on this blog. In that entry, I mentioned that he’d been waiting for a home since April 25, and that wait seemed too long for a healthy and loving boy like this.
Imagine my surprise today when I spotted Stavros! He’s still here!
Adoptable cat Stavros
This Maine Coon mix is about 4 years old, and he came to the shelter when his family couldn’t afford his medical care. He’s been here recovering since that time, and now he’s ready to go! His original bladder problem has been resolved with a diet change, and he’s back to using the litter box 100 percent of the time.
Stavros remains incredibly affectionate and loving. He’s always been that way, and that’s not changing. But, he is feeling a little anxious and worried about his long wait, and he’s been a little feisty with roommates as a result. He has a good history of living with other cats, so it’s possible that this snarkiness will go away when he’s out of the shelter, but that’s something to discuss with the adoption team.
If there’s anything about this cat that intrigues you or appeals to you, I urge you to come on down and visit. He’s been waiting for a home for much too long.