Meet Pierrot the Clown, Alex and Alice: Three cats that need you!

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Adoptable cat
Welcome to the first Friday edition of the cat blog! This week, I have three (okay, four) really great cats to tell you about. In fact, I think I’ve managed to pick cats that come from every corner of the personality spectrum. So if you’re looking for a cat, it’s likely that you’ll find a really good fit in one of the cats I’m about to describe.
So let’s get started!

Perfect Pierrot the Clown

Isn’t this tuxedo cat just beautiful? His name is Pierrot the Clown, and he’s 6yo. He’s named after a very famous sad clown, and that name is well deserved. When this guy came to the shelter, he didn’t hide or show aggression. Instead, he just seemed a little sad. He accepted attention, and he even asked for a few hugs and kisses. But he just didn’t seem happy to be in the shelter.
Adoptable catAt first, this was a little surprising. Pierrot had been living as a stray cat, and often, these kitties are so thrilled to get regular meals that they’re willing to overlook their shelter surroundings. But Pierrot wasn’t that way. He stayed sad.
So we were thrilled when he was adopted, just a few days after he arrived. Unfortunately, that adoption didn’t work out. He liked the cats in the home, but he really didn’t like the family dog. So he’s back for another chance at a perfect fit.
Adoptable cat
This kitty would probably like a quiet home. He might like other cats, with the right introduction. But he will definitely like a calm and gentle introduction to new surroundings. Letting him ease into a home by figuring out one room at a time is a great way to set him up for success. The adoption staff can tell you more about how to do that.
At the moment, Pierrot isn’t showing off his best side to potential families. He’s doing some hiding and worrying. But he warms right up with just a minute or two of affection. Can you help him move out of the environment that makes him sad? Do you know of someone who can?

Awesome Alex

This 3yo all-black cat is simply gorgeous. And he knows it. I had such a great time photographing him today, because he was really willing to hold his poses and work with me. See that intense gaze and the curled paws? He let me art-direct him. If you’ve been looking for the perfect Instagram cat, Alex might be the right choice for you.
Adoptable catAlex came to us as a stray, and when he arrived, he had a pretty serious facial injury. We’re not sure what happened to him, but we know it was something that could have cost this little guy his life. Thankfully, with the expert care he got at the shelter, Alex has healed from his injuries. You might see a little white scar here and there on his head, but that’s about it. It’s a remarkable recovery.
And Alex’s behavior during his recovery was also remarkable. He let the staff stitch him, wrap him, medicate him, and clean him. He didn’t fight, cry out, or protest. In fact, he purred throughout every medical task. I just can’t believe that. It’s so, so rare.
Adoptable catThat sweetness is part of Alex’s inherent nature. Come to visit him, and he’s likely to chirp, purr, meow and head butt his way through your conversation. He likes to be held and carried, and he really loves to sit in your lap. He likes both adults and children, and he is likely to be the sort of cat that will seek out the company of any guests you have in your home. He’s bold and brassy.
Adoptable catAlex has FIV, which means he will need to live inside for the rest of his life. And he will need to go to the veterinarian when he grows ill, as his immune system is not as robust as it could be. FIV cats can go into homes with other cats, if those kitty roomies are friendly. But the adoption staff tells me Alex might not do well with other cats. We just don’t know what caused his head wound. If it was a fight with another cat, he might not like to live with other cats again. You will need to talk to the staff about that.
Alex is a frisky, busy guy with a lot of confidence that could probably live anywhere. If you love cats with a go, go, go attitude, you’ll love him.

Amazing Alice

I met Alice many, many months ago when she came to the shelter for the very first time. This is her third trip, and I hope it will be the last one for this sweet Siamese. Alice is 8yo, and she first came to the shelter due to a conflict in the home with another cat. That kitty was a bit of a bully, and Alice was the victim. In her second home, Alice got bullied again, this time by a kitten (!!). That family had to move, so Alice came back. And this last time? She was overwhelmed by the noise and activity in her new home.
Adoptable catSo we want to be really careful with Alice this time and make sure she gets the perfect home.
Alice is a very laid-back, very relaxed, somewhat lazy cat. She does not like to run and play and jump and tear around at high speeds. She likes to find a soft bed and stay there most of the time. Here’s proof. She is really enjoying my attentions, but notice that she isn’t moving much. Alice does not move much.

Alice also doesn’t like a lot of noise and wild activity. She likes things to be calm and quiet and warm. That means she could live with super mellow cats that are like her, or that will leave her alone most of the time. But she shouldn’t be asked to live with busy bees that will pester her for entertainment.
And finally, Alice does not have a history of loving little children. Older kids might be fine, but little ones make her nervous.
Adoptable catAlice seems, to me, like the perfect lap cat for someone who doesn’t want to put up with the kitten crazies. If you want a mellow and loving cat, this is it.

Bonus Beauty: Duffy

I couldn’t resist sharing this photo with you. This is 2yo Duffy, and you’ll notice that my hand is in this photo. Why? Because Duffy really wanted me to pick her up and carry her around. She loves to give Eskimo kisses and head rubs, and she can’t do that from a long ways away. So she’s an in-your-face cat. The only way to get photos is to hold her back.
Adoptable catWant a very loving, kinda pushy cat? This is it. But come get her soon! She won’t last long!
That’s it for this week! As always, do come and see any cats you like as quickly as possible. Cats move sooner than you might think. And if any story touches your heart, consider sponsoring the cat. It’s always appreciated.