Meet Pockets, Clover and Madame Mim: Adoptable Cats!

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This week, I have three adoptable female cats to tell you about. Two of these sweeties are long-term residents we’d love to see adopted, so when you’re done reading, be sure to share! The more people that know about these cuties, the better.

Perfect Pockets

First up is this medium-haired torbie cat with the adorable name of Pockets. She’s just six years old, so she’s a relatively young cat. And she’s small at just 9 pounds. But she has remarkably looooong legs, so she’s a fairly tall cat. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a cat quite like her.
Pockets came to the shelter for a bit of an embarrassing reason: She needs to brush up on her litter box habits. In her last home, she had the habit of turning unused rooms into her personal bathroom. Not a great idea.
We’ve been working with her on this habit in the shelter, and I’m happy to report that she’s done very well with the retraining. Keep up the habits we’ve implemented here, and you’re sure to have success. Any interested family should talk with the team about what to do to set Pockets up for success.

In her last home, Pockets lived alone. At the moment, she’s living in a communal cat space, and she’s doing quite well. She seems to enjoy the company of others, so if you’re the head of a multi-cat household, she might be just right for you.
Pockets has been declawed in front, and like many declawed cats, she’s a little worried about people touching her feet. But, she’s enthusiastic about any attention you might opt to deliver to her head and neck. She is a great purring machine, and she enjoys chirping and cheeping in response to questions. I absolutely fell in love with this girl today, and I know the right home is just waiting for her.

Clever Clover

For weeks now, people have been telling me how much they love this older cat, Clover. Today, I got to meet her in person. I must say, I can understand the fan club. This is an amazingly sweet lap cat that will make a new family really happy.
Clover came to the shelter as a stray, so we’re unsure about her history. We’re not even absolutely sure how old she is. But given the condition of her teeth at intake and a few other physical signs, the staff estimates that she’s 10 or older. That makes her eligible for special pricing, so Clover could be yours for just $20.
And what a deal that would be! Clover is an incredibly affectionate cat with the loudest purr out there. Check out this video for proof. Isn’t it amazing?
Clover has been waiting for a home since March 21st, and she’s grown a little sad at the wait. She’s not grooming her pretty coat as well as she should, so you might notice that she doesn’t look her best. But, Clover is more than happy to get a little help with grooming. She adored my brushes today, and rolled around happily so I could get all of her little fur brushed and straightened.

Clover is in Suite 2, but when you come to visit, you might not see her. She likes to hide in her bed. Spend just 30 seconds coaxing her, however, and she’ll spring right out into your lap. I do hope you’ll visit, too, as this girl needs to make the move out of the shelter ASAP.
Since Clover is a little shy by nature, she shouldn’t go into a home with either dogs or kids. Those creatures might be a little overwhelming for a shy girl like this. She’d really like a quiet home in which to retire.

Magical Madame Mim

Speaking of long-term residents, meet Madame Mim. It’s a little hard to believe, but this pretty girl has been waiting for a home since January 25th. That’s a very long time for a kitty to wait. I’m hoping that now that Mim is out in the suites, she’ll get the exposure she needs to find that perfect home.

Madame Mim is another stray kitty, so again, the staff isn’t sure about her history or her exact age. But again, based on her appearance, they suggest that Madame is at least 10 or a little older. So she could head home with you for that low $20 fee.
Madame Mim is a bold girl that will be the first to greet you when you walk into her suite. She will whirl around your feet until you pet her, and if that takes a little too long, she’ll even reach out her foot to tap at you to get your attention. I caught a shot of her mid-tap here.

Notice the extra toes? That’s right! This is a polydactyl kitty. I just love that in cats, don’t you?
Madame Mim is a very affectionate and sweet girl, but she can deliver surprisingly hard love bites. That might make her a poor choice for homes with very small children. But, she is responsive to verbal corrections, too, so you may be able to train this behavior out of her.

Come Visit!

That’s it for this week! All of these cats are just waiting for you, and again, some have been waiting for quite some time. Please share their stories so we can end their wait this week!