Meet Popsey, Sasha and Chase: Three Adorable (Adoptable!) Cats

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Adoptable cat Popsey
The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and this week, I’d like to tell you about three cats that desperately need to be in new homes by the time Santa launches his sleigh. Let’s get started.

Perfect Popsey

This fluffy face belongs to Popsey. She’s an 11yo long-haired kitty. And she’s a rarity, as she’s orange and she’s female. We really don’t see that very often, and we certainly don’t see long-haired, orange females very often. So Popsey’s looks make her something special.
But the thing I like the most about this girl is her attitude. In her last home, she had her family whipped into shape. They told us that she likes to sit next to (but not on) her people, and that she likes to talk at length about her day. Apparently, if you don’t respond verbally to her chatter, she’ll get louder.
Adoptable cat Popsey
I adore cats with opinions, and Popsey certainly has many. She’s expressed one in the shelter, though, that I should mention. She’s been a little angry with loud kittens living next to her, and she’s expressed that with hissing and swatting. That means she’ll need to live with cat roommates of a similar temperament (i.e., no wild kittens), and she might need super-slow introductions.
Popsey has a history of life with dogs, but she’s front declawed so those dogs will need to be gentle. She can’t get out of a scrape with a bigger dog.
Popsey also adores children, and she misses the child in her last home. That child had severe allergies and asthma, which is the only reason her family had to give her up. I’m sure that family would be thrilled to see Popsey head home in time for Christmas.

Shy Sasha

As long-time readers of this blog know, I am a sucker for the shy cats. And this week, I met one that breaks my heart a little. Her name is Sasha, and she is a 14yo Russian blue mix.
Adoptable cat Sasha
Sasha has incredibly thick and lush fur that your fingers just sink into when you pet her. And she loves to be petted. She’ll lean right into your hand when you pet her, and she purrs like an absolute machine when you give her any kind of attention. Here’s a little video of our session this morning. You can see how much she loves the attention.

But, Sasha is shy and worried in her kennel, too. She’s not used to living in a kennel surrounded by other cats, and she doesn’t tend to come to the front of her kennel for attention. She hangs in the back, and often, she looks a little scared. Like this.
Adoptable cat Sasha
Sasha needs a family that will look past her poor kennel presentation and give her a chance at a healthy and happy life. She can go into a home with cats and dogs and kids, so she should be a good fit for almost anyone.
I’d love to see Sasha go home sooner rather than later. Let’s share her story widely and get her moving.

Charming Chase

Confession: This is my favorite cat in the shelter right now. His name is Chase, and he is a 12yo buff tabby without even a speck of white on his body. When I first saw this big face, I was sure I was looking at an unneutered male. Those cheeks! Ah! But as it turns out, Chase just has a round and cobby little face. He looks like a teddy bear to me.
Adoptable cat Chase
Chase came to the shelter due to a change in family circumstances, and he had a little difficulty adjusting to the shelter at first. He was a little upset and spitting on his first day. But now, he has relaxed and become accustomed to the shelter situation. This morning, he spent a lot of time rubbing his big head on the kennel doors, hoping I would open them up for him. When I did, he leaned right into my hands for affection. He’s gentle and sweet, but he really puts his back into petting. He’s big, too!
Adoptable cat Chase
Chase has a great history of life with dogs AND cats AND kids, so this is another kitty that could live almost anywhere. But his family might need to do a slow introduction to a new home. If he got upset at the transition here, he might do the same in a new home. The staff can tell you more about how to hit things off on the right foot with this guy.

Bonus Beauty: River

Most of the cats I’ve told you about so far have been on the older side. So I thought it might be nice to tell you about one more little special kitty. And he’s much younger.
Adoptable cat River
This is River, and he’s not even a year old yet. He’s all black with incredibly thick and luxurious fur. And those copper eyes will really stop you dead in your tracks. He is a truly gorgeous boy.
River can be on the shy side of things in the shelter, and he was doing a little hiding this morning. But he does warm up after a minute or two of coaxing, and when he does, he leans his whole body into you and sighs. It’s really an amazing thing that you have to see to believe.
That’s it for this week! As always, please share these stories far and wide so we can get these cats adopted.
And remember: Every cat in the shelter can be sponsored by a family. It costs $30, and you can throw in a massage, too, for a little extra perk. Very few cats are being sponsored right now, and a sponsorship makes for a great stocking stuffer or boss’s gift. Every dime helps to support cats like River and Chase and Sasha. And the organization relies on donations to do the vital work of saving lives. So if any of these stories have touched you, consider making a donation. It’s a great way to help the cats in our community.