Meet Precious and Rusty: Cats Looking for New Homes

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This week, I have two cats to introduce to you that came to WHS from different homes for the same reason: Owner health. Both cats need new homes, and they’re adjusting to the shelter life in very different ways.

Pretty Precious

This sweet face belongs to Precious. She’s almost 14 years old, but she hides her age incredibly well. I didn’t see a gray hair on her anywhere, and her breath is as sweet as anything. She clearly had very good care in her last home, and I’m sure she expects the same in her new digs.
Precious was described by her owner as a sweet cat that enjoys affection of all sorts, including rides in an owner’s arms and naps on an owner’s pillow. She’s showing a lot of those same traits in the shelter, but she also seems a little bit withdrawn. After a few moments of love, she’s ready to do her own thing. She’ll hop right up and walk away from you when she’s done with the love.

A Perfect Precious Home

It’s quite possible that Precious will be just as independent in her new home, willing to accept a lot of love but willing to walk away when she’s had enough. But it’s also possible that she is a touch independent now because she is grieving. It’s hard on older cats to move to new places. She might need a little time to build up a strong bond with a new person.
That bond could be easier to build with the help of toys. Precious loves laser toys, string toys and feather toys. Bust those out and she’s ready to play, pronto! A few play sessions, and an understanding home that gives her some space at first, could be ideal.
Precious is ready to go home now, and her adoption fee is just $20.

Rambunctious Rusty

This darling guy is Rusty: An 8-year-old orange tabby with piercing green eyes. He’s a solid cat at 14 pounds, and he has super-short fur that he grooms impeccably. He’s a tidy boy that won’t need a lot of grooming.
And that’s good, because he’s also a touch grouchy.
Rusty is willing to accept affection from almost anyone, and he’s a purring machine. But he also has a pretty short fuse. Touch him wrong or do something he dislikes (such as walking away before he’s done with the petting session), and he’s ready to dole out the slaps. He moves from happy to a little upset super quickly. He’s not biting, he’s slapping with claws in, but still. This isn’t ideal kitty behavior.
But he reminds me of another older cat that came to the shelter due to an owner health issue. Remember Climber?

This guy was also very willing to do some hitting when he came to the shelter, and he was described as a touch unpredictable. But after a few weeks in the shelter, Climber seems to have processed his grief and anger. He’s a lap cat that I can do almost anything to without worrying about aggression. He’s learned, and he’s been transformed. The same could happen to Rusty.

An Understanding Home

Clearly, Rusty needs a home in which he’ll have a little space and a little understanding. A quiet home with a cat-savvy person that can teach him how to behave appropriately would be ideal. He shouldn’t be forced into situations he dislikes, and he probably shouldn’t spend time with small children (they may not really understand cat language quite yet).
But Rusty certainly has the capacity to be a happy and wonderful boy. He just needs a family that will help him make the transition from the home he loved into the home he’ll stay in for good.
Rusty’s ready to go home now, and his adoption fee is also just $20. And Climber is still available! He can be yours for $20, too.

Special Mention: DeeCee

We’re approaching kitten season, and I know there are tons of people out there looking for young ones to take home. So DeeCee caught my eye. She’s a young girl at about 2 years old, and she has all of the frisky behaviors kitten lovers adore. But she’s just a touch older, so she won’t require the training and 24/7 supervision kittens demand. I know she’ll go fast. If you’re interested, better head down now!

That’s it for this week! As always, please share far and wide. We’d love to see these guys adopted this week.