Meet Priceless, Squeaker, Mackenna and Liebe: Four Cats that Need You

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Priceless the cat
Hello, cat people! This week, I have three new cats to tell you about, and I have one very familiar face that will need the help of our amazing community in order to get the happy ending she deserves.
So let’s get started.

Pretty Cat Priceless

First up is this 4yo Siamese mix named Priceless. She came to the shelter with her siblings Squeaker and Mackenna (more on them in a minute) when her family had major financial difficulties and could no longer care for this kitty family. For the past few weeks, she’s been staying with a foster family. And I had the good fortune of talking with her foster mother, who had nothing but wonderful things to say about these cats.
Priceless the cat
Priceless, foster momma tells me, is the boldest and sassiest of her trio. She was the first to explore the house, the first to try a new food and the first to try to make friends with the other cats living in her foster home. She has retained that sassy nature in the shelter. Come to see this kitty family, and Priceless is the first to come up for attention.
Priceless has a flea allergy, so she will need strict parasite control for all of her life. Her coat is a little thin now, due to those allergies, but it should thicken up quite nicely with some more TLC.
Priceless the cat
Priceless can go into a home with other cats, including her siblings. But she is not overtly bonded with those siblings, foster momma says, so she can also be adopted separately.
I found this cat to be remarkably sweet, gentle and kind. She has a wonderful and rumbling purr, and her eyes really are remarkably blue. I can’t imagine that a young and pretty cat like this will last long in the shelter. Come see her!

Sweet Cat Squeaker

Next up is this 2yo Maine Coon of the family named Squeaker. He is the shy and sensitive soul of the bunch, his foster mother says. He often runs from people he doesn’t know, and he can take awhile to warm up in new situations.
Squeaker the cat
Once he feels comfortable, however, this is a very loving cat that adores to be brushed. And that’s a good thing, as he has very long and luxurious hair that will need quite a bit of maintenance in order to look its best. Just check out his ear tufts! This is a very pretty little kitty.
Squeaker was a little too shy to say hello to me today, and I didn’t push him. But sensitive cats like this are often the most rewarding cats to have. Once you earn their trust, you will have it for a lifetime.
Squeaker the cat
Squeaker should, in my opinion, head into a home with one of his cat siblings. He knows them and he loves them. Having them nearby will make his transition to a new home a little easier for him. But, he can also be adopted separately, if you choose to do that.

Magical Cat Makenna

Finally, meet this 3yo sweetie named Makenna. He clearly was the favorite of his foster mother. She held him throughout our entire interview, and he really seemed to enjoy the attention.
Makenna the cat
Makenna is a love bug and a lap cat, his foster mom says. He enjoys being picked up, and he tolerates being held like a very sweet and young baby. He purrs and purrs like crazy for any kind of attention, and he doesn’t need any time at all to warm up to new people and new situations. He really is a lovely cat.
Makenna the cat
Makenna has a slightly unusual ear, possibly due to an old injury that didn’t heal up quite right. He might need some extra ear cleanings due to that ear, as the airflow is not quite as it should be, due to that scarring. He could also stand to lose a pound or two.
But he is a wonderfully affectionate boy that would make a family very happy. I hope someone comes to get him soon!

Unlucky Cat Liebe

Next, a familiar face. I’m heartbroken to report that Liebe is back in the shelter once more, looking for perfect people to love her. This is her third time in the shelter with us, and both of her returns have been triggered by human allergies. Both families that chose Liebe loved her. Both wanted to keep her. Neither could do so, due to those allergies.
Liebe the cat
At the moment, Liebe is a little forlorn about returning to the shelter. She isn’t as eager to greet people as she normally is. I think she’s a little sad about being back. But she perks up with toys, affection and conversation. She’s still ready to love and be loved. She just needs it to be forever this time.
Liebe needs a special diet due to her early renal disease. And she is deaf in one ear, so her family will need to remember that and adjust accordingly. But I want this shelter stay for Liebe to be a short one. Can you help?
That’s it for this week. As always, please share this blog so we can get the cats adopted. And if any stories touch your heart, click on the names in the subheadings and you’ll go to a donations page. Thanks for all you do!