Meet Princess, Nora, Dylan and Yoda: 4 Cats That Need You

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Kitty Princess
Hello, cat fans! This week, I have four great adult cats to tell you about. And, since I’ll miss next week’s blog due to some prior obligations, I’m adding in a few bonus cats at the end that you won’t want to miss. So let’s get started.

Pretty Cat Princess

First up is this gorgeous all-black cat named Princess. She’s 9yo, and she’s been waiting for a home since May 23rd. That makes her a very long-time resident of Willamette Humane Society, and that’s a little surprising, as this cat has a lot to offer.
Princess the cat in her kennel
Princess is what I like to call a pocket cat. She’s only 6 pounds, and she has the tiniest and sweetest little feet you’ve ever seen. She is also a remarkably tidy cat. When I come in to visit her in the mornings, many of her neighbors have trashed their kennels with food and litter and toys. Princess always has a perfectly spotless kennel. She seems to work hard to keep it that way.
Princess has a bit of a sad backstory. Her first family left her with a family friend, and that family promised to pick her back up in a week or two. They never came back. The family that took care of her struggled with Princess, and that family reports that Princess fought with the resident cats. It’s possible that Princess doesn’t like other cats, but it’s also possible that this was a high-stress situation that Princess didn’t handle very well. She might be able to handle other cats just fine, if she was introduced to them slowly by someone who wanted her.
Princess the cat watching a toyEven though Princess does have that tragedy in her past, she remains focused on the future. She is a very playful, kind and remarkably affectionate little kitty that loves to eat, be petted, play with string toys and share her love with the people she loves. I’m hoping someone will pick her this week.
As an added incentive, her adoption fee has been waived.
If you’re interested in adding a Princess to your family, come see this sweetie in Cattery A. She’s a real dear.

Nearly Perfect Kitty Nora

Next up is this gorgeous black-and-white 7yo sweetie named Nora. She’s been in the shelter, waiting for a home, since June 16th. Once people find out about Nora’s benefits, I’ll bet she’ll go fast.
Kitty Nora watches the camera
Nora came into the shelter as a stray cat, which means we don’t have a clear picture of her preferences before her shelter life started. But we do know that she has been relaxed and calm since she arrived. She sits quietly, purrs softly and just waits for people to notice her. Once they do, she responds beautifully with rolling and kneading and air pawing. She really loves people.
I’ve been told that Nora doesn’t enjoy being picked up, and that she can be a little overwhelmed with things like hugging. I can’t confirm that, as I haven’t picked her up or cuddled her myself. But I know that cats like this often enjoy lap time on their own terms. And I also know that a cat that resists a cuddle in the shelter can be very cuddly in a home. The shelter can be scary for a cat, and they can react accordingly. I wouldn’t let this behavior keep you from adopting her.
Nora the cat lying down
Nora has been spayed, so she can go home today. And I do hope she does go home. Long waits can be hard on a shelter cat, and Nora’s wait has been longer than most.

Darling Cats Dylan and Yoda

This sweet face belongs to Dylan. He’s a 9yo brown tabby boy who is just remarkably big. At the moment, he weighs 13 pounds, and none of that is fat. He’s just a big and beefy boy with a big bone structure. If you love big boys, this could be the one for you.
Dylan the cat in his kennel
Dylan came to the shelter about a week ago, and he is adjusting to the shelter life quite well. He’s a little shy at first, but he warms up with anything that even approaches affection. He rolled over when I petted him, talked to him or just looked at him the right way. He has a lot of love to give, and in a day or two, I imagine that he’ll be at the front of his kennel soliciting attention.
His brother Yoda, on the other hand, isn’t handling things so well.
Kitty Yoda in his kennel
Yoda is an 8yo Siamese mix who is also a big and chunky boy at 16 pounds. He also seems to have big bone structure, so I don’t think much of this weight is fat. But Yoda is not enjoying his time in the shelter. He is shy and withdrawn, hiding in his kennel and worrying about what will happen next. He loves to be petted and responds to that, but he isn’t nearly as outgoing as his brother.
We would love for Yoda and Dylan to be adopted together, since Yoda seems to rely on the confidence of his big brother. And they really are bonded to one another. Their previous family reports that they sleep together, groom one another, eat together and just adore one another. They need to keep that going.
Dylan the cat watching his toys
These guys came to the shelter due to financial difficulties in their last home. They were perfect gentlemen in that home, always using the box, never breaking things and always getting along. They are both mellow and calm, their person says, and they both enjoy visitors, including children.
Interested in them?

Bonus Beauty Cat: Cameron

I’ve told you about Cameron in a previous blog post. Sadly, no one has yet chosen Cameron. I’m hoping we can make his wait end this week.
Kitty Cameron in his bed
Cameron is about 9yo, and he has gorgeous long orange hair. He was found as a stray, and he might have a bit of an abuse history. He flinches and winces quite a bit, as though he’s worried someone might hit him. But he’s remarkably affectionate with the people he trusts. And he’s getting along beautifully with the cats in his suite, so he might enjoy having other cats to live with. In fact, Cameron has a bit of separation anxiety, so sending him home with a roomie might be smart. He might need that socialization to keep him happy.
Can you help Cameron?

Second Bonus Beauty Cat: Sophia

This sweet face belongs to Sophia, a 9yo exotic shorthair mix. A few weeks back, I told you about her sister Abby in another blog post. At the time, I couldn’t get Sophia to pose for photos. She’s still not thrilled about my camera, but I did get some better shots today.
Kitty Sophia in her bed
Sophia is very shy, and she can be a little people selective. She’s afraid of me, for example, but I’ve been told she is really bold and brassy with others that work in the shelter. I’d love to see lots of people visit her this week. If she loves you, take her and Abby home! She’s ready to go.
That’s it for this week! As I mentioned, I’ll be out next week, so there will be no cat blog. But I hope I’ll see all these cats adopted when I return. And if you want to help but can’t adopt, click on the names of the cats in bold and you’ll head to a donation page. That’s always appreciated.
Thanks for all you do!