Meet Rachel, Opal and Bobbie: Three adult cats looking for forever homes

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This week, the Pick Your Price event on adult cats is in full swing. That means you can choose your price when you stroll in to take home an adult cat. And this week, there are three qualifying sweethearts that all need great homes. Let’s get started.

Bonded Beauties: Rachel and Opal

First up are two darling sisters: Rachel and Opal. These sisters were born just 10 minutes apart, and they’ve lived together their whole lives. That’s a long time, too, as these girls are both creeping up on 12 years old.
The sweetie featured at the top of this blog, Opal, is a gorgeous grey tabby. She’s the braver of the two girls, and she needed just 30 seconds of coaxing before she was whirling around my ankles and kneading at my shoes. She loves to be petted, especially around her ears, and she is a big fan of the cat brush, too.
Adoptable senior cat Rachel
This pretty brown tabby is Rachel, and she’s much more shy. She was up high in her cubby when I walked through the door today, and I couldn’t get her to come down for lap time. But, she was enthusiastic about being petted and brushed, and she responded to calls of her name with rolling and kneading.
Adoptable senior cat Opal
Both Rachel and Opal tend to startle easily (as you can see by this expression on Opal’s face), so a home that’s on the quiet side might be best for them. They might enjoy the company of cat-savvy teenagers, but we’re not sure how they’d feel about unpredictable small children. That’s something to discuss with the adoption staff.
Rachel and Opal do need to be adopted together, however, as they are so tightly bonded. The team tells me these girls groom one another, sleep together, eat together and play together. They’d be heartbroken if they were separated, so they need to head to the same home.
Bonded senior cats
And, fair warning, these girls are a touch on the heavy side. They do love to eat, and while they like feather toys, they don’t hop and jump around much of their own accord. Their family will need to work with a veterinarian on a weight-loss program that helps them to shed pounds at a safe rate.
Pretty cat Rachel
I loved spending time with these darling senior girls today. They both have such loving, trusting personalities. And it’s so touching to see them care for one another. I’m hoping that their stay in the shelter is a short one.

Beautiful Bobbie

Next up is this silly girl: Bobbie. She’s a gorgeous, 8-year-old tortishell kitty that’s been at Willamette Humane Society since July 27.
Adoptable cat Bobbie
I spent quite a bit of time with Bobbie today, and I am totally in love. She is a silly, goofy girl that adores belly rubs. She likes them so much, in fact, that I had a hard time getting photos of her when she’s not upside-down. She wasn’t interested in posing, she wanted to be petted!
Adoptable cat Bobbie
The team tells me that Bobbie might get overlooked in the shelter because she is confident and quiet girl. She stays in the back of her kennel, high up on her bed, and she waits for people to come to her. Unfortunately, cats at the back of the kennel are easy to miss, especially when there are scores of kittens clamoring for attention everywhere you look. So Bobbie’s strategy isn’t really working out for her.
But Bobbie has a TON of attributes that adopters really like. For starters, she is a fan of children both young and old. In her last home, she was a second momma to the human children in the household, and I’m sure she’d love to take on that role again.

Adoptable cat Bobbie
Thanks to pet photographer Marilyn for this shot

Bobbie has also lived with a dog, and while she didn’t really love that experience (she hid a little), she didn’t fight with the dog, either. If you have a cat-savvy dog and take introductions slowly, she could be an excellent choice.
Bobbie is declawed in front, so she’ll need to live indoors. And she doesn’t have cat experience, so we’re not sure how she’d do in a multi-cat home. If you have cats, come talk to the staff about how to do introductions the right way, to get Bobbie off to a good start.
A mellow, affectionate, kid-savvy, dog-savvy, gorgeous cat should just fly out of the shelter. This should be Bobbie’s week!

Quick Reminder: It’s Kitten Season!

The shelter is full of darling faces just like this. If you’re at all interested in taking home a kitten, now is the time to come and visit.
Adorable tiny kitten
Kittens aren’t eligible for the pick-your-price event, so they’re a little more expensive. But, remember that kittens come with scores of completed services, including neutering, starter vaccines and microchips. That makes them a great value.
That’s it for this week! Please share this post far and wide, so we can get these guys adopted.