Meet Raisin, Shadowcat and Too: Three Awesome, Adoptable Cats

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Adoptable black cat
This Saturday, from 2-6pm, Willamette Humane Society will be holding a 50th Anniversary Party. You can come on down, snack on a cupcake, talk about your history with WHS and then end the trip with a kitty adoption.
Okay, that last part isn’t really included in the formal celebration. But still, if you are planning to come and visit WHS on Saturday, why not round out your trip with a new furry friend? And I have three to tell you about this week that would really love to make their home with you.

Radiant Raisin

Look closely at 10-year-old Raisin’s pretty coat. Think it’s all black? Think again. Raisin has a black outer coat, but her under coat is almost completely white. And in the right light, she actually has tabby stripes. I haven’t ever seen anything like this before.
Adoptable cat Raisin
Raisin works hard to try to get you to notice her pretty coat. She reaches out with her paws to bat at people walking by, and should you open her kennel door, she will leap right out to cover you with kitty kisses and head butts. She is extraordinarily affectionate, and she has a positive and trusting attitude. She is a real favorite among the volunteers because of those traits.
Adoptable cat Raisin
Adopters will like her, because Raisin can go into a home with either cats or dogs, as she has lived with both in the past. And, she has excellent litter box habits, so there is no need to worry about training accidents.
Adoptable cat Raisin
Raisin’s last person had this to say about her: “She is one of the most easygoing cats I’ve ever met, and I’d consider anyone lucky to have her.”
I couldn’t agree more. I hope someone will take this pretty girl home soon.

Stunning Shadowcat

Siamese alert! Siamese alert! This guy, Shadowcat, has absolutely gorgeous Siamese markings, set off with stunning blue eyes. People who love this cat breed should love him. But he has something special I haven’t really seen in other Siamese cats. This guy is really quiet. He can cheep and chitter, but he prefers to save his voice for important conversations. That makes him a good option for people who like quieter cats. Shadowcat won’t keep you up at night to chat.
Adoptable cat Shadowcat
Shadowcat came to us with a bit of belly pain due to some bladder problems, and he was expressing those issues in ways his person didn’t like. Now that he is on a special diet, Shadowcat is no longer having litter box accidents, and he seems much less painful, nervous and touchy. He can still be a little sensitive about having his belly pressed and rubbed (poor guy must have been in a lot of pain at one point), but much of that behavior we saw when he first came in to us is going away.
Adoptable cat Shadowcat
Today, I found Shadowcat to be remarkably affectionate and sweet. He hopped down from his little bed to tell me hello, and I spent quite a bit of time petting him and talking to him as he marched in place. Shadow is a social eater, so he ended our visit with a little snack. I absolutely love this cat.
Adoptable cat Shadowcat
Shadow will need to be on this special diet for the rest of his life. And he is 10 years old, so his kitten days are long gone. But, Shadow has experience living with other cats, so he could join a multi-cat family with ease.
Shadow has been here since October 2, so he is one of our long-term residents. Anyone out there interested in helping out an old guy?

Terrific Too

While it’s hard to see this in the photos I took, this guy is gigantic. His name is Too, and while he is listed as a longhaired cat mix, I’m wondering if there is some Maine Coon or Ragamuffin in there somewhere. This guy has big bones, a stocky body and a whole lot of fur. He’s wonderful.
Adoptable cat Too
Too is almost 2 years old, and he came to us due to a pretty significant case of jealousy. You see, he really loved the lady he lived with, and he got really upset when that lady spent time with the other pets in the household. He wanted to be her one and only, and he wouldn’t take no for an answer.
Adoptable cat Too
So we’re recommending that Too live in a household as the only cat. It’s something he would prefer, and it’s probably best to keep him happy. But Too has a lot to offer in a one-cat household.
Too absolutely adores people, and he flops right down for belly rubs as soon as he feels comfortable with who you are and what you’re interested in. He likes to be picked up and carried, and he really loves to hold conversations. I loved spending time with this big hunk of a cat today, and I’m hoping his stay with us will be a short one.
So that’s it! I hope to see you all on Saturday at the shelter, and I hope you’ll share these cat stories so we can get these guys adopted!