Meet Ringo and Momo: Two Cats with Disabilities that Need Great Homes

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This week, I’d like to share two very special cats with you: Momo and Ringo. They are my two favorite kitties in the shelter right now, and they’re both looking for special homes that can accommodate their disabilities.

Regal Ringo

This handsome, 4-year-old, short-haired cat is Ringo. Look closely at this photo, and you’ll see why this guy is considered just a touch special.

His legs bend forward  and he’s unable to bend them back at all. It’s my understanding that this is a disability Ringo’s had since he was a very tiny kitten, and he’s learned to handle this difficulty quite well.
Ringo uses his back legs a little like a rabbit would, and he uses one front paw to stabilize his weight when he’d like to stand up. He can also crawl on those elbows, if he really wants to move from place to place.
Here’s a video I shot of him this morning that shows you a little more about how this guy gets around.
He can hop quite well, as you can see here, but Ringo also tends to startle. He jumped here when I was scooting back to increase the camera angle. This kitty is nervous, and his previous owner reports that he’s always been a shy and sensitive guy. Loud noises and fast movements aren’t for him.

In addition to needing a quiet home, Ringo might also need a home that provides a few amendments for his disability. He might need ramps to get up and down from furniture, for example, and he might need special litter boxes with low entrances he can easily hop into and out of.
I’m wondering, too, if Ringo might benefit from a little cart. In time, he might adjust to using wheels to motor from place to place. A veterinary orthopedist might provide great advice on that score.

Ringo is incredibly affectionate, and he seems accustomed to both getting hugs and giving them. He also gives nose kisses and love bites. He’s deeply affectionate and he has so much love to share. I’m hoping someone will take him home soon.

Magical Momo

Walk into Cattery A, and you’ll see Momo. Can you tell what’s special about him? I bet you can’t. He’s an expert at keeping his issue under wraps.

Here’s what’s going on. This senior LaPerm cat is blind. We’re not sure how long he’s been blind or how he became blind, as his long-time owner passed away. We don’t have extensive records on what happened to Momo.
But, it seems as though Momo has been disabled for a long time, as he’s very good at compensating for his blindness. He can follow movements with his ears and his whiskers, and he can learn to recognize voices almost immediately. He knows exactly who I am, and he chirps when he hears me in the hallway. He’s a bright boy who has made some big changes in response to his health condition.

Momo can find his food and the litter box just fine, and he doesn’t need followup care for his eyes, the staff tells me. But he will need a home that provides a few accommodations.
I live with a blind cat right now, and I can tell you that there’s very little that must be done to keep these guys safe. Making a commitment to keeping shoes, toys, books and detritus off the floor is a good start, and refusing to move the furniture more often than is absolutely necessary is another great step. See more tips on living with a blind cat right here. You’ll see how easy it is to help these guys adjust and live healthy lives.

Momo’s family reports that he’s a gentle and loving boy that adores sleeping next to his humans at night. He likes to be cuddled, and he likes to be carried in the arms of his humans. He also likes to be chattered to, and he’s a big fan of the cat brush.
Momo has been waiting for the right home since May 9. I’d love to see him go this week, wouldn’t you?

Special Mention: Stavros

This darling boy is Stavros, and he’s been waiting for a home since April 25. That long wait is due, in part, to his health.

Stavros came to the shelter with a nasty bladder infection, and he needed some TLC from the staff to recover. He’s doing nicely now, but he’ll need to stick with special food for the rest of his life. And, he developed a bit of litter box fear during his illness (those urine crystals HURT, and some cats associate pain with the box). His retraining is going well, but his new family will need to keep up the good work so he remembers the joys of going potty in the right place.

That’s it for this week! Please share these stories, and let’s get these special kitties off to a new start.