Meet Snickers and Ella: Two Loving Cats that Need Caring Homes

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Ella the adoptable cat
We have a full compliment of kitties in the shelter this week, so it was hard to come up with just a few cats to tell you about. I was overwhelmed with great choices! But I settled on two that really seemed to click with me this week. And be sure to read to the end of this blog, as I have two cats that seem to be overlooked beauties that really should go home this week.

Enchanting Ella

First up is this long-haired tortie beauty named Ella. She’s a little under 2 years old, so she’s a very young and spunky cat with a lot of life left. And she might look a little familiar to some of you, too. That’s because this is Ella’s second time in the WHS shelter.
Ella the adoptable cat
Ella is a bold and brassy girl in the shelter. She spends quite a bit of time in the bed inside of her kennel, but with just a touch of coaxing, she hops right down for attention and love. You’ll see that in this video I shot this morning.
Notice how affectionate she is? This is a cat that whirls and purrs and even gives love bites with any kind of human interaction. She’s really a bundle of love.
But in her last home, Ella just didn’t fit in. She didn’t appreciate living with other cats, and she was really overwhelmed by children, too. Her family tried to entice her to come out of her shell with play, but she was too frightened to engage. They worked with her for months, and Ella just didn’t get better. So she’s back for a second chance.
Ella the adoptable cat
Ella will need a gentle introduction into a new home. She should have access to just one room at first, and when she’s comfortable, then she can branch out into another room. She may benefit from a calming spray like Feliway, and she may also like a quiet music soundtrack for her days.
With this kind of introduction, Ella may be as bold in her new home as she is here. But she might also be the sort of cat that likes the quiet life, regardless of how long she has to adjust.
Ella the adoptable cat
So if you know of someone with no cats, no kids and no dogs, send them down to meet Ella. She really is a charmer. And remember: She qualifies for our Free the 50 special, so she can be adopted with no fee.

Sweet Snickers

This is darling Snickers. She’s less than a year old, and she came to Willamette Humane Society as part of a multi-cat intake process. She was living with many other cats, and even though this girl isn’t quite yet a year old, she was already a kitten momma.
Snickers the adoptable cat
Snickers spent some time in foster care with her kittens, and she has since been growing more and more accustomed to life as a single and unencumbered lady. I see big changes in this cat every time I see her.
At first, Snickers was very shy and withdrawn, hiding in the back of her kennel. But now, she hops right down for anyone who calls her name. She is very affectionate and loving, and she’s remarkably responsive to verbal cues. I really enjoyed spending time with this cat today. She’s so self-possessed and sleek and affectionate. I think she’ll really make someone a wonderful cat.
Snickers the adoptable cat
Snickers will also need a slow introduction to a household, simply because she can be shy. Her foster mother recommends using a large dog kennel for her temporary home, as a bathroom or bedroom might be too big for her at first.
Snickers can go to a home with other cats, as long as she has a slow introduction. But we’re not sure about dogs or kids. You’ll need to come chat with the staff about that.

Terrific Tipsy

I was shocked to see this little face looking at me today. Can you believe Tipsy hasn’t been adopted yet? I can’t. But I have a theory.
Tipsy the adoptable cat
Tipsy is an 8 year old gentle lady, and at the moment, the shelter is packed tight with kittens. Tipsy seems to think these youngsters are too loud, too rambunctious and just too much. She’s really not happy about living so close to so many of them. So she’s doing a little grumbling in the back of her kennel.
Given this behavior, it’s best if Tipsy go into a home with no other cats. And I’m hoping someone will come and take her soon. She’s really not thrilled with her kennel right now, so she needs someone to take a chance on her. And she also qualifies for the Free the 50 plan, so she has no adoption fee.
Can anyone help?

Lovely Lillian

I told all of you about this lovely Abyssinian mix awhile back, but right after I wrote up her little promotion, she got a cold and headed to the clinic to recover. I was a little heartbroken, as Lillian has been here too long.
Lillian the adoptable cat
Lillian originally came to the shelter with a rear-end abscess, so she spent time in the clinic getting care for that before she came up for adoption. So between her two medical problems, Lillian has been here for several weeks. And she’s ready to get out.
Lillian is a 3-year-old beauty that came to us as a stray. We do think she must have had a home at some point, as she is remarkably friendly and jolly. She kneads, purrs, head-butts and chitters. She also gives tiny, delicate love bites. I adore this cat.
Lillian is also eligible for the Free the 50 plan, so she has no adoption fee. I’d love to see her go this week.
So that’s it! Please share these stories so we can get these sweeties adopted. They’re all very ready to go!