Meet Sugar, Ellie Rose, Mittens and Hank: Four Cats that Would Love to Meet You

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Sugar the adoptable cat
Hello, cat people! It’s been an amazing week at Willamette Humane Society, as many of my favorite kitties have found the forever homes they deserve. But, as always, we still have quite a few sweeties that have yet to meet the perfect families. If you’re shopping for a new sweetie, you’ll love the four I’ve picked.
So let’s get started!

Sweet Kitty Sugar

First up is this 10yo female cat named Sugar. She’s been a favorite of mine since she came to the shelter nearly a month ago. But, during that month, she was in a high-up kennel that didn’t show off her beauty all that well. She’s since moved into a suite, and now, she has added several people to her fan base.
Sugar the adoptable cat
For example, new Willamette Humane Society volunteer manager Janine Catalino has fallen in love with Sugar. She loves this girl so much, in fact, that she’s let Sugar hang out in her office from time to time. And Janine has nothing but nice things to say about Sugar. She says this kitty has two modes of operation: love and off. When she’s in love mode, she likes to head butt and purr and sit right in your lap. If you’re busy or otherwise occupied, Sugar goes back to her bed.
Executive Director BJ Andersen has also fallen hard for Sugar, and she tells me that this is the sort of cat most people actively look for. She’s remarkably affectionate, but she’s not pushy. BJ says Sugar has such a lovely temperament that she would be ideal for a nursing home or retirement community. She’s just so gentle and sweet that she’d love nothing better than to cuddle and sleep with like-minded humans.
Sugar the adoptable catSugar is the sort of cat that is easy to overlook at the shelter as she isn’t bold. She won’t hop right up and demand your attention. But clearly, she has a ton to offer the right family. We just need someone to pick her.
Sugar has great cat-to-cat skills, so she can go into a home with other cats. She might also like low-key dogs (they make great snuggle buddies). I’ve also been told that Sugar has been flirting with young people who come to visit her. That means she could also go into a home with kids.
Sugar the adoptable catThe family that adopts her will need to monitor her ear, as she has an old injury that puts her at risk for ear infections. And she might need to lose a little weight. Otherwise, she needs no special care.
Can you join the Sugar fan club, of which I am a founding member?

Majestic Cat Mittens

This sweet and proud lady is Mittens and she’s 10 years old. She came to the shelter due to a financial issue in her last family, and I’m sure that adjusting to the shelter has been a little tough. Right now, she often looks super proud and a little horrified to find herself in a kennel.
Mittens the catBut, she warms up very fast to any sort of affection. I really enjoyed petting her and cuddling with her. She is a purring and cheeping machine once she trusts you. Mittens also really likes treats of all sorts, and she responds very enthusiastically to people who come to meet her while bearing gifts.
Mittens has a great history of living with dogs, including big dogs. She cuddles and plays with them. And she enjoys children, too. People looking for cats who can handle canines and kids really have to meet her. She could be a perfect match!
Mittens the catMittens is a senior cat. But, the Siamese breed is one of the longest-living breeds in the cat world. The average lifespan of a Siamese cat is about 13, but many cats within this breed live to be in their very late teens or early 20s. That means Mittens could be simply middle aged, not old.
Come meet her!

Elegant Kitty Ellie Rose

Look closely at the pretty coat on 6yo Ellie Rose. She has a coat pattern called “smoke,” in which her inner fur is white and her outer fur is black. It’s a really remarkable coat pattern that we just don’t see all that often. And despite my best attempt at capturing its beauty with a fancy camera and flash, I’m still not showing how gorgeous it is. You really have to see it to believe it.
Ellie Rose the catAnd, it seems that Ellie Rose knows she is pretty. She’s a sassy little thing that seems to demand respect. In her last home (which she was in for just a few days), she was pretty darn hostile to her roommates. She gave the dog a harsh beat down, and she tried to put the toddler in her place. It’s not nice behavior, but Ellie Rose is unrepentant.
As a result of her bad decisions, we’re recommending that Ellie Rose go into a home with no people younger than 13, and she shouldn’t live with dogs. She might do best as the only pet in an adult-only home, but the adoption counselors can tell you more about that.
Ellie Rose the kitty
I can tell you that Ellie Rose was a perfect lady with me during our visit. She was very responsive to my cuddles and scratches, and she purred and head butted and kneaded through most of our visit. And she’s a cat that pulls some really hilarious faces. Like this one.
Kitty Ellie Rose
I have no idea what she was looking at, but this photo makes me laugh. If you take this cat home, she could make you laugh like this every day.
Come see her!

Bonus Cat Beauty: Hank

I had planned to get some elaborate photos of 3yo Hank today, but he had other plans. He was lying down like this throughout our whole visit, despite my very valiant attempts to get him up and moving.
Hank the cat
In a way, I can understand why Hank is so relaxed. He was living a very stressful life on the streets, so sitting in a spot in which you get regular meals, soft beds and a lot of attention is probably a little like a vacation. But I’m sure he would rather be in a loving home.
Since he is so relaxed, he might fit in almost anywhere. But since he’s a stray, we don’t have a reliable picture of how he does with cats, dogs and kids. You’ll need to introduce him slowly, to set him up for success.
Adoptable cat Hank
So that’s it for this week! As always, please share these stories far and wide, so we can get these cats adopted. And, if there’s a story that touches your heart, tap the names in bold and you’ll head to a donation page. That’s always appreciated.
Thanks for all you do!