Meet Sweet Nougat the Cat

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This is Nougat: A one-year-old, female, all-white, short-haired cat. She’s been waiting for a home for about a month now, and I feel confident that she’ll find that home just as soon as people hear more about how sweet she really is.
Fun and Flexible
Nougat may be an adult, but she’s still full of spunk and play. She adores to play with leaves and small pieces of dust that she finds outside of her room, and she also loves to play with the other cats that share her room. In fact, I’ve seen her cuddling with Lollipop many times (although she always gets up as soon as I get the camera out).
She’s also quite the contortionist, able to bend herself into all sorts of different shapes in order to do a thorough job of grooming.
Ready for Home
Nougat was a stray, so we don’t know a whole lot about her history or preferences. For example, it’s not clear if she’s lived with children before, and dogs are another unknown for this girl.
***UPDATE*** Via Facebook, I hear that Nougat was exposed to small dogs in her foster home, and that she was tolerant of them. I’m also told that she was very respectful of other cats as a foster.
Her foster mother also called her a “wonderful house cat” who is “crazy affectionate.” That’s quite a vote of confidence!
I think she’d make a new family very lucky. I hope someone comes to visit her this week.
Bonus Video
Philip and Baby, who were the stars of last week’s post, had a chance to model for Marilyn this week, and their profile photos are really stunning right now. I hope that will prompt someone to visit these sweeties and take them home.
I also shot some video of them this week as they played with their toys in their play room. These guys really love toys, and they play together oh-so nicely. Check the video out to see what I mean.
Next Week
I’m planning to take a field trip next week to see sweet Tootie at Petco on Lancaster. (Unless, of course, someone adopts her before then!)
In the interim, please share this post and the YouTube video on your social networks, and let’s get these guys adopted!