Meet Three Adoptable Cats (and One Cat-Like Dog)

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Adoptable cat Lilith
Hello, cat lovers! I’d like to start by thanking each and every one of you that helped to find cats homes last week. Because of you, long-time cats Chiodo, Spud, and Vernon went home. In addition, several senior cats I didn’t yet mention also went home, along with many kittens. Because of your comments and shares and passion, we have a lot more room for cats at the shelter. Thank you.
Are you ready to replicate that success this week? I have three cats to tell you about, along with one (no, I am not crazy) dog. Let’s get started.

Clark: Waiting Since September 8

This sweet tuxedo cat is Clark. He is about 10 years old, and he’s a big boy at 13 pounds. He came to the shelter with two of his siblings, and while one was adopted almost immediately, Clark has been left behind. We’re hoping that changes this week.
Tuxedo cat Clark
Clark doesn’t love shelter life. Can you blame him? It can be noisy and busy in the shelter, and that can be a little overwhelming for a sensitive little kitty. We have been told that Clark is loving, independent, and sometimes playful. But he hasn’t been willing to show us that side of his personality quite yet. He spends quite a bit of time peeking around corners like this.
Shy cats like this often transform into loving, outgoing companions once they are out of the shelter environment. It’s possible that Clark will blossom within just a few days of going home with you, and if you put in the time to win his trust, he will be loyal to you for the rest of his life. It’s a small investment for such a big reward, don’t you think?
Clark has a good history of life with cats, but we’re not sure about dogs. Since he can be shy, he needs to live with older children that respect his space.
Can you help him?

Princess Gingerpants: Waiting Since September 10

The vast majority of orange tabbies are males, so we always get excited when we see a female. Princess Gingerpants (I just call her Ginger) has lovely tabby markings and the prettiest green eyes. And yes, she is female. This gal is almost 10 years old, although she has the spunk and vigor of a much younger cat.
Princess Gingerpants
Ginger hops right up to greet visitors with chirps and cheeps, and she likes to inspect people carefully before she is touched. Once she has given you a careful once-over, she will accept plenty of pets and pats and touches. Ginger will also move from one bed to another when asked to do so (a little like a dog), and she enjoys running and leaping after wand toys. Despite her age, she is very athletic. And since she is so smart, she will be very fun to play with.
Ginger has a good history of life with other cats, and she has lived with dogs in the past. She doesn’t care for kids, and since she does have a history of biting during play, it’s best that she isn’t asked to share space with small people.
Like many older cats, Ginger has renal disease. She will need a special type of food for the rest of her life, and her family will need to follow up with a veterinarian about her care. Because of this issue, we’ve waived her adoption fee. Come get her!

Lilith: Waiting Since September 7

The adorable cross-eyed cat at the top of this blog post is Lilith, and she is one of my very favorite shelter cats. She is a little older than one year, and she acts so much like a kitten. I just love spending time with this funny, active little cat, and I can’t quite understand why no one has taken her home yet.
Adoptable cat Lilith
Lilith is living in a suite with several other cats, and she spends a lot of her day trying to get those cats to play with her. She taps sleeping cats, plays with cat tails, leans into standing cats, and tosses balls in the direction of other cats. She really wants someone to play with her, and I can see her being a wonderful companion for a younger (possibly shy) cat.
Lilith does accept love and attention when she is done playing, but she has a little bit of spice to her. She likes to check you out thoroughly before you are allowed to touch her, and she has been known to give a little swat if she thinks you are too forward. This intelligence and spice makes Lilith just a lot of fun. She will keep a family guessing.
Lilith came from a cat colony, so we’re not sure about her history. While we know she can get along with almost every cat she meets, we don’t know how she feels about dogs. We think she can go home with children as young as five, but she may need a little time to adjust to small people.
Can you take this sweetie home?

Meet Cat-Like Dog Brinx

No, I haven’t lost my mind. But I would like to talk with you about a dog in this week’s cat blog. That dog is Brinx, and he has been waiting for a home since July. I need to make something super clear: Brinx cannot go into a home with cats. But let me tell you why he appears here.
Adoptable dog
I’ve been thinking about labels lately. Brinx here exhibits a lot of the behaviors we find acceptable in a cat, but since he is a dog, those common cat traits can seem like faults.
For example, Brinx needs time to give his heart away. If he were a cat, we would say that he is shy, and we know that there are plenty of people out there who look for and adore shy cats. They don’t even mind if these shy cats are too shy to meet them in the shelter. Brinx acts like a shy cat on first meeting. He slinks and hides and he doesn’t always want to hop to the top of his kennel to say hello. While cats like this can and do win over the hearts of visitors, it seems like this shy behavior is keeping this dog from really connecting with his visitors.
My colleague Martha has written extensively about Brinx (she took this photo, too), and I encourage you to read her blog to find out more about him. Families that are interested in Brinx will need to meet with our behavior and training team to find out if he is the right dog for them. Like all adoptions, this is a big decision.
But I can’t help but think our cat community can play a role in getting this special guy the home he deserves. I hope you’ll help me do that. If you can’t adopt, maybe you know of someone who can help this guy get a home.

Thank You!

I’ll thank you in advance for all of your shares and comments. With your help, we can get all of these sweet animals into loving homes this week. Remember: If you can’t adopt, perhaps you know of someone who can! Spreading the word is always helpful. Thank you!