Meet Vita and Blackberry: Busy, Bustling Cats Looking for Homes!

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black cat
I’ve been doing this cat blog for close to a year now, and today this pretty cat, Vita, gave me what has to be my favorite cat photo so far. I can’t wait to show you!

Vivacious Vita

Here’s the photo I’m talking about.
black cat
This one image tells you a ton about Vita. First off, notice how affectionate she is and how trusting. She’s just putting it all out there, hoping I’ll walk over and pet her. If the bold and brave cats appeal to you, Vita is certain to win you right over. She doesn’t seem to know the meaning of shy.
Secondly, you’ll notice that Vita is missing some hair. She has some allergy issues, and that’s caused a bit of hair loss. That’s something her new family will need to work on with a veterinarian. The plan she’s following now is working, but she might need some added support to win that hair back.
senior cat
Vita is 12 years young, and that means she qualifies for two very special programs. First, her adoption fee is only $20. Second, she qualifies for free vet visits for life at Evergreen Veterinary Hospital here in Salem. That makes Vita a great deal.
And she has a lot to offer. Vita is a busy, active, curious cat. She likes to know what you’re doing, and if it’s possible, she’d like to help. She can share her space with other cats just fine, and she’s been known to settle down in any available lap for a nap.
senior cat
The best thing? Vita also has a very high, chirping voice. She loves to hold long conversations, and that chirping never fails to bring a smile to my face.
Like a lot of black cats, Vita has long been overlooked at the shelter. In fact, she’s been waiting for a home since April 9th. I’m hoping she gets a little more attention in her suite placement, but also, we all need to share her story. Let’s get her adopted this week.

Beautiful Blackberry

Since I was on a busy cat roll with Vita, I thought I’d pop over and take some snaps of Blackberry. She gave me a real run for my money. This is a very young, very active cat that just loves to spring right out of her kennel when the door is open. That makes photo taking tough. I got a few good snaps.
senior cat
But I also got quite a few snaps like this. She found my camera just too interesting to leave alone.
senior cat
Blackberry is not considered a kitten, because she’s hit that 1-year mark. But she has all of the kittenish behaviors people just love. She’s a playful little thing who can make a toy out of almost anything (including lint).
senior cat
She is small and compact, built for speed, and she hasn’t quite developed that thick bone structure seen in older cats. And she’s eminently trainable. Blackberry really wants to please. She should be an ideal kitty for someone out there.

Special Mention: Leila

As I was walking through the kennels, I was struck by the beauty of this all-white cat, Leila. She was a breath of fresh air for me, after working with the two busy bees, as she was so calm and gentle during my little interview time with her. And she has a bit of a sad story to share.
senior cat
Leila has lived all of her 9 years in the same household with her momma cat. The last few years have been tough on her. The humans moved in with a roomie that had a feisty cat and a big dog. Leila was chased around by the dog, and the cat fought with her. Then, her momma cat died. And to top it off, her humans had to move into a place where Leila couldn’t come.
Cats thrive on consistency, so not surprisingly, Leila has some recovering to do from all of the stress of the last year or so. She’s a little nervous and a little withdrawn. To me, she also seems a little weary.
white cat
Leila needs a quiet, calm, gentle retirement home that can provide her with consistency and security. Give her that environment, and she’s likely to return to the affectionate, sweet, wonderful kitty her owner described.
That’s it for this week! As always, please share so we can get these guys adopted.