O'Brien: A Pretty, Pumpkin-Colored Cat

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Starting Friday, all adult cats at Willamette Humane Society will come with waived adoption fees. That’s right: You can take home a pretty adult cat for the holidays for no fee.
At those kinds of prices, almost any cat seems like a good deal. But there’s one cat in there I expect to leave quickly, no matter the price.
His name is O’Brien, and I’m thrilled to tell you more about him this week.
Bold and Beautiful

“It’s nice to meet you! Let me shake your hand.”

This 4-year-old, orange tabby male has been at the shelter for a little over a month. During that time, he’s made quite a few friends. Why? Because he’s incredibly bold.
This is the kind of cat that starts purring before the door to his room even opens, and he doesn’t stop purring until he can no longer see you. He reaches out to grab your hands for petting, and he’s been known to give little kisses right on the tip of the noses of his visitors. It’s hard to find a more confident cat.
Fierce and Feisty

O’Brien isn’t right for every household, however, as he does have a few quirks.
He is an opinionated boy, and he’s more than willing to let you know when something isn’t happening per his specifications. I’ve seen him decide to take a swat at someone who decided to stop petting him before he was ready for the love to cease, and I’ve seen him swish his tail furiously when people are moving too quickly.
This kind of unpredictability makes O’Brien unsuitable for a household filled with children. In fact, little ones shouldn’t even visit him in the shelter. It’s best to be safe.
But, for someone with a child-free home, this might be a wonderful feline companion. He’s earned the right to be a little opinionated, I think, and he might be less inclined to strike out when he’s not in a stressful environment (like an animal shelter).
Pretty Kitty’s Past

O’Brien came to the shelter when his family experienced some financial difficulties. During his adoption intake, that family gave us quite a bit of information about what this boy is accustomed to.
It seems he has lived with both cats and dogs in the past, and enjoyed them. He has also lived with both men and women, and he has been exposed to visiting children (but wasn’t overly excited about seeing them). He was described, by that family, as loving and sweet.
It’s clear that he was loved deeply. I hope he gets the chance to experience that again.
Maybe Friday? Please come to see him.
Adorable Outtake

Sweet Simba (one of my absolute favorite cats in the shelter right now) is also still available for adoption, along with his brother Dusty. This week, they had this sweet fish bed in their room. Simba seems to love it, don’t you think?
I hope both of these boys win over a family this weekend. They’re ready to leave shelter life behind.
Sneak Peek

Check out pretty Azzie’s high five!
This 3-year-old cat is also waiting for a home, and it wouldn’t surprise me if she was adopted during this weekend’s sale. She’s young, healthy and absolutely beautiful. She’s also becoming more and more comfortable in the shelter, so she’s emerging from her hiding places and making herself known to potential families with ease.
If she’s still available next week, I’ll tell you more about her. But if you’re interested in this grey beauty, do come to see her on Friday.
That’s it for this week! Please share this blog, and most importantly, come and visit these cats. They’d love to be a part of your family.