Oh, Romeo! A Charming, Loving Cat

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RomeoI’ll admit it. I am deeply in love with Romeo. This 2-year-old tabby cat won me over a month or so ago, when he was living with the pretty Smokehouse Sisters and helping them to build up their sense of confidence and trust. But while all of those pretty girls have gone to new homes (yay, by the way!), he continues to wait for his. I’ll miss him so much when he goes, but I’m hoping he makes that home trip this week.
This Time, It’s Permanent!

Romeo was adopted once before, but he returned to the shelter just a few days later. In that household, he was a little shy. He was reluctant to eat, and he wasn’t too sure about hanging out with the male part of the household.
I can see why Romeo might be retiring in a new house, particularly during the first few weeks. Everything smells different, everything looks different, and it’s bound to be overwhelming for a sensitive guy like this. Typically, that kind of shyness is to be expected.
But I was worried about the unhappy-man thing, so I asked my husband to come and visit Romeo with me, so we could see how he did with a different guy. Here’s what Romeo did.

“Come hug me, you fool!”

Clearly, Romeo doesn’t have a problem with all members of the male species. But, since he has been picky before, it’s worthwhile to bring all members of the family to visit him before taking him home.
Very Affectionate

Romeo simply adores to be both petted and brushed. In fact, if given a choice between eating a treat and accepting some belly scritches, Romeo chooses the latter, every single time.
But, he’s not a demanding cat. He doesn’t yell and scream for attention, he doesn’t follow you about from place to place and he doesn’t swat at you as you walk by. He just waits, and he responds enthusiastically when you give him attention.
Lap cat lovers, this is the guy for you!
A Nearby Beauty

As I was taking my photos of Romeo, roomie Plato decided he would also like to pose for the camera. I was happy to oblige. This 6-year-old Siamese mix is currently on hold, which means he might be going home as soon as tomorrow. But if you’re interested in Siamese types, it might be worthwhile to call the WHS office and see if he’s still available. He’s a real sweetheart.
Success Stories

Speaking of blue-eyed beauties, remember Smokehouse Sister Bridgette? I’m happy to report that she’s doing well with her new family. Her mother shared a few comments about her on our Facebook page:
“Bridgette still prefers her spot behind our entertainment center during the day. I will try to get some photos soon. She comes out at dinner time and is slowly warming up to our other cats. She hangs out with me on the sofa in the evening and purrs. She is a gentle, sweet girl. Vet says she’s pretty and perfectly healthy!”
Isn’t this great? And the thing I love most about this particular update is it proves that patience and love can really help a cat to blossom, even when that cat has been through something awful. I am so thankful for adopters like this who give cats space to heal, and I know they’re repaid with cat love that’s hard to measure.

And in other happy news, Bridgette’s sisters Colette and Alberta were also adopted! They’ll be living together in a nice, big home with their new mom, and they won’t have to compete for attention with any other pets. This is the best possible outcome for this family, and I am absolutely thrilled to the core that it all worked out perfectly.

And finally, sweet Spookey from last week found her perfect home. I was in the shelter when her mother came to pick her up, and she told me she’d come to adopt Spookey specifically because she was a senior. I’m thrilled to think this girl will have the perfect retirement home with a mom that loves and accepts her. Adopters are the best!
Sneak Peek

You know who wants to find out about those great adopters? Cranberry. I met this 6-year-old beauty this week, and I was so impressed with her calm and gentle demeanor. I can’t wait to talk her up next week.
That’s it! Please share this post, and let’s work together to get these cats their own happy endings.