Pewter the Cat is Sure to Shine in 2015

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PewterCheck out the green eyes on Miss Pewter! This girl is a Russian blue mix, and she has the deep fur and the piercing eyes to prove it. And her new year’s wish involves spending time in a forever home. Do you think we can make that happen for her?

 An Uncertain History

Pewter was brought to the shelter as a stray, so we don’t know a lot about her history. For example, we’re not sure how she’d do with children or dogs. We also don’t know how she feels about going to the vet.
But it’s clear that Pewter once had a loving home. Why? Because she is a very, very big girl. Many stray cats have tough lives in which they struggle to get enough food. Given Pewter’s girth, I would imagine that she had a full cat bowl for most of her life. It’s been only recently that she lost this kind of access.
Pewter also has very good people manners. She moves from one place to another when asked to do so, she submits to medical exams without complaint and she allows complete strangers to pick her up. Someone spent a lot of time taming Pewter. Now she just needs another family to give her a chance to shine.

Quiet, Senior Sweetheart

Since Pewter is a stray, we’re also not sure how old she is. But the staff thinks she’s about 13, given her overall medical condition. That might sound old, but in reality, it’s not uncommon for indoor cats to live well past 15.
And adopting a senior has some real benefits. Pewter is a quiet, shy girl who really doesn’t need a lot of coddling. She knows the rules, she knows how to entertain herself and she’s quite content to just wait for you to lavish attention on her.

And boy, does she love attention. This kitty will purr, chirp and mewl when you pet her or brush her. She also enjoys sitting in your lap. She’ll make a great couch buddy for those cold winter nights.
At the moment, Pewter is living with a few other cats in her suite. And she has lovely manners with them. She doesn’t snuggle with them, but she tolerates them and watches them. That could make her a good addition into a multi-cat home, but you’ll need to confirm that.

Still Waiting

I was really surprised to see that Winnie was still waiting for a home this week. She’s done a lot of work on her shyness, and she’s more willing to head out and meet wonderful people who come to visit. That’s the sort of thing that gets cats adopted, and I’m hoping it pays off for her this week. She’s a real peach, and she’s been waiting for far too long.

Sneak Peek

Check out what was going on behind me as I was working with Pewter. This rolling, purring, loving sweetie is Roxy. She’s 12 years old, and is an incredibly spunky and loving girl. I’ll tell you more about her next week (Unless she’s been adopted by then, which wouldn’t surprise me. Look at this face!)

That’s it for this week! Please share this post so we can get these beauties on the road to a better 2015.