Pretty Preston Cat Needs Love

Adoptable cat in Salem, Oregon

This week’s featured cat is Preston. He’s been at the shelter since the first part of May, and all of us wonder why his wait for a home has been so long. This is an amazing cat, and I’ll bet he’ll get snapped right up just as soon as word of his quirkiness gets out.

A Fun Feline

Adoptable cat in Salem, Oregon

Preston lives in the largest of the suites, and he has access to a screened-in porch right next to the entrance of WHS. In a way, Preston is the official greeter for the shelter. It’s not unusual to see him rolling around on his back to flirt with people coming in, and sometimes, he even sticks his paws through the mesh to reach out to those he really likes.

When people come into the room to visit with Preston, he responds with enthusiasm. He loves to be petted and brushed, and he also does well with toys and treats. But, it’s also not unusual for this pretty kitty to walk away from attention after a minute or two, so he can return to his post by the front door. I think he’s just longing for that moment that he can leave for good.

The Ideal Home

Adoptable cat in Salem, Oregon

Preston came to WHS as a stray, so we don’t know a lot about his history. We do know that he’s about 6 years old, so he’s not really a kitten. But he also has a surprising amount of energy for an adult cat. A home with plenty of toys and opportunities for distraction would be ideal for him.

At the moment, Preston is living with several feline roommates, so he has the potential to live in a multi-cat home. But, this guy can be a little picky about the cats he considers his BFFs. Mellow, gentle cats (like Mister Sirius Black, whom he lives with right now) seem to sit just right with Preston. But busy, active, in-your-face cats seem to bring out the slapper in Preston, so those might not be great roomie choices.

The Catnip Cam

This little video demonstrates the fun and quirky side of Preston quite well. Notice the rolling and playing, but notice how he gets a little startled when his roommate goes a little crazy for the catnip.

[youtube id=”EzLDrfGWCEA”]

Sneak Peek to Next Week

Adoptable cat in Salem, Oregon

Mister Sirius Black, Preston’s roomie, will be the focus of my blog next week. He’s a wonderful 10-year-old guy who has also been here since May. I’m looking forward to profiling this big hunk of love next week… But, of course, he could be adopted before then! If you’re interested in this beauty, it’s best to make a visit now.

Bonus Video

The shelter staff asked me to make a plug for Polly Anna, a sweetheart of a cat who has been in the shelter since May 18th. She’s a wonderful girl who is absolutely surrounded by other cats who steal the spotlight. As a result, she often gets ignored.

I shot this quick video of her today, and you’ll notice the voices of her loud roommates. I’m hoping someone will notice her this week, and this will be the start of a whole new life for this wonderful girl.

[youtube id=”WxvkhCY62gg”]

Great News!

I got confirmation this morning that Tucker, the focus of my first blog entry, was adopted last week. Way to go Tucker!

Adopted cat in Salem, Oregon

Remember: Cats can sometimes go fast from the shelter, so if you see anyone here that tugs at your heart, go in for a visit.