Project Fence- Do It for Hugo

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A few months ago, Hugo, one of the Willamette Humane Society (WHS) shelter dogs, escaped from his volunteer walker, and was not seen again for several days. We all feared he might have been hit by a car, or injured in a nearby gravel pit. He was finally spotted across Turner Rd, and WHS  staff were able to retrieve him, hungry and scared, but okay.  We were lucky with Hugo, but we need to be prepared for the next incident.  Some of the WHS Volunteers decided to take action to reduce the risk to future escapees, and so we initiated Project Fence.
[thermometer raised=4315 target=6000 width=150 align=left currency=$ alt=off sep=, trailing=false]Our goal is to put up a safety fence around the dog walking track in the field north of the shelter to stop dogs from running onto Turner Rd, or from running off behind the property and disappearing in the event that they escape from their handlers.
We are also planning to build a separate fenced enclosure so that the dogs from Receiving, Holding and the Infirmary can be off leash when we take them out for walks. Currently, these dogs must stay on leash in separate areas from the outdoor adoptable shelter dogs, and this solution will provide a safe place for them to run and play.
This project is not part of the WHS budget, and needs to be financed through separate contributions. To keep down labor costs, WHS Volunteers are going to help put up the fence. Even so, the cost of materials for the two projects is estimated to be around $6,000.  So far, we’ve raised about $4,315. Considering the size of the fence, our goal is remarkably cost-effective, as many of our professional bids were quoted in the $30k range!
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Please help us make WHS safer and more enjoyable for the dogs. The fence will protect them and also allow for expanded use of the big field area for other training and fun activities for our four legged friends. We thank you and the dogs thank you!

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