Ready for a Spicy Cat? Meet Salsa!

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As predicted, pretty Totter was adopted last week. But this week, I have another pretty tortishell to tell you about. Her name is Salsa, and she’s a spicy, feisty little girl that is ready to make a family really happy.

All About Salsa

Salsa came to Willamette Humane through a transfer program. The shelter she had been calling home was full of cats, so Salsa came here for a shot at a home. She didn’t come with a lot of paperwork, so we don’t know a lot about her history. We’re not sure if she’s lived with kids, for example, and it’s unclear if she’s lived with dogs.
What we do know, however, is that this is a pretty fun and active cat. Check out this short video of her playing with a ball on a string.
Salsa will play like this for hours, and she’s remarkably acrobatic and balletic. I was very impressed with her leaping and pouncing ability. She’s no kitten at 5 years old, but she sure moves like one!

Salsa isn’t all about play, though. She’s also very affectionate. She loves to bed down in a lap, and she’s a master of kneading and head butting as she rests and relaxes. She gave me a few pretty firm love bites, but there was no aggression at all in any of her movements. She just wants to give love and get some in return.
At the moment, Salsa is living in a large suite with several other cats. She does well with them, although she doesn’t seem overly interested in them. She might make a great addition to a multi-cat home, simply because she seems to know how to handle herself in the company of other felines.
Salsa is sure to make a spicy addition to any family, and I’m hoping she’ll head home soon.

Meet Salsa’s Roomies

I’m a sucker for sweet, all-black senior cats. Salsa is living with two of them.

This beauty is Pete. He’s a 10-year-old, all-black cat with a surprisingly loud meow. He’s a very energetic boy, willing to leap and jump from bed to bed in his suite, and he’s very enthusiastic about being petting. He nearly knocked me over with his head butts.

This girl looks very much like Pete, but she’s about 5 years older. And unlike bold Pete, sweet Beauty is very shy. I found her hiding in her room behind a soft bed. She came right on out with about 30 seconds of coaxing, which is a really great sign, but I think she’s a little overwhelmed at the shelter. It’s hard for older cats to make the transition, particularly when they’ve been indoor single pets their whole lives. I’m hoping someone will take this pretty girl home this week so she can settle into a retirement filled with love (and a little less stress).

Blast from the Past

Some of you may remember this face from last summer: It’s Bird. He’s a very large, very affectionate Maine Coon mix that I had planned to profile in the blog. He was adopted before I could get to writing, and now he’s back.
Bird can be a little selective about his furry roomates, and that picky business made him a bad fit for his last home. But, he’s a healthy and relatively young cat. He should make a family quite happy. If he’s still here next week, he’ll take a spin in the spotlight.
That’s it for this week! Please share this post, and remember: If you see someone you love, do come to visit. Even if you can’t adopt, the shy cats like Beauty appreciate your time and your work. Everyone who pets these cuties makes these cats just a little happier (and a little more adoptable).
See you next week!